A Giant Angel Tree Thanks


That's literally about all the verbiage I can think of to start this post. My jaw has remained cemented to the floor since Friday afternoon when I saw the grand total for our Angel Tree drive this year.

If you're unfamiliar with the program, Angel Tree is a Salvation Army gig every year during the holidays that collects warm clothing for the kids of families in need. Starting last year, Scrub Club decided to help out by seeing if any of the supporters out there could spare some change to put towards donating to this awesome event. The results were fantastic – Over $200 raised in just a little over a week and a half!

However… this year, expectations were blown away as our wonderful Scrubs out there donated TRIPLE that amount this year! $601.43 was raised in a mere 6 days! Just take a gander at what your donations purchased for kids this time around:

A giant heap of clothes donations for the Angel Tree program!

That's a big heap of brand new clothes right there. Socks, undies, jackets, coats, shoes, hats, mittens, gloves, warm shirts and pants , jammies, house shoes, and even a few games of checkers (the Salvation Army said they were wanting to give board games to families as well).

All in all, it was an amazing success this year, thanks to YOU!

Now, that's a big receipt.

Damn, you could use that thing to power a pirate ship.

It took a few trips to bring in all the bags of clothes to the Angel Tree dropoff point at the Salina, Kansas mall. The ladies at the counter were overjoyed because every year, several people who pledge to bring in clothes never do, and that leaves some families that signed up empty handed. This year, there was a good chunk of people that didn't deliver on their promise, but the huge amount of all types of clothes we got this year helped take care of that problem in a big way!

A lot of the artists here at Scrub Club and the majority of our supporters we've talked to either had a rough time growing up or are going through tough patches still. We truly understand the need, and those of us that make it possible to even donate a few bucks do it to help bring up our little brothers and sisters that deserve better.

I went ahead and made a video, talking about the program, showing off the goods, announcing the donators, and getting mauled by my 4 year old daughter:


I think everything is explained in detail with that video, but I would like to wrap up by giving another giant round of thanks from all of us at Scrub Club Records for truly helping us, as an independent label, to truly make a difference in the world with both our music and mission.

Those of you who donated and were interested in getting awesome kickbacks from King Pheenix – the video below announces the winners of the custom tracks and has warm fuzzies from Phee himself:


I would also like to point out that this literally would not have been possible with PayPal in the time frame we had to work with. However, the superior and downright buddy-like company WePay handled everything for us in a completely quick and professional matter. If you haven't checked out what WePay is about, please do so by clicking here or on the image below. Trust me – you will want to make the switch. Leave PayPal in the ditch.

WePay official site

Once again, thank you all SO much for destroying expectations… This time of year, it's so important to think of those out there that truly need a helping hand. You're not only giving presents to kids in need, you're essentially helping them to survive with the items we purchase every year with this donation drive.

We love all of you. Happy holidays, no matter what you do or don't believe in – your extended Scrub Club family's always got your back.

– Hatter

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