Keep our Children Warm

Scrub Club is making a difference this year in a few young lives… From now until December 9th, if you make a donation to Scrub Club via this link right here or via the form below, it will be pooled together to buy some winter clothes for kids in need this year via the Angel Tree / Salvation Army Program.

Donate to Angel Tree – Children in Need


A note about PayPal – We use WePay because it's tremendously better than PayPal. HOWEVER – If you can only donate with PayPal, please send that donation to We will transfer over the PayPal donations before adding everything together as well!

As each donation is made, you will receive a shout out on our socials! These specific donations will be added up, and MadHatter will again do a video blog of the clothes you've helped buy and a special thank you. No money will go to Scrub Club if you donate for this project, it will only go to getting the clothes for the Salvation Army in Scrub Club's name (the actual donation ends up being anonymous, but you get our drift).

How does the Angel Tree program work? A parent fills out a card for their child with necessities for this winter that they need – Shoes, caps, mittens, jackets, pants, etc. Everything is anonymous except for the child's age and gender. Depending on the amount of donations we build up, we will be picking one of more children to buy supplies for. Once the clothes have been purchased, we return to the Angel Tree center and drop them off, and the Salvation Army delivers them to that family before the holidays. As a bonus, the Salina Area Salvation Army also includes an age-appropriate toy with every child you donate for. The children who benefit from this program would otherwise not receive gifts such as these due to financial or social issues.

We can help some kids out this year! Yes, most of us are poor as well, but our pool of change that we can spare together could really make a serious difference in a family's life.

Times are tough. Let's stand up for our little brothers and sisters.

If you would like to see the video results of last year, where we raised over $200, please check out the video below!


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