King Pheenix Collab Contest

We have already doubled our donation number for the Angel Tree clothing drive from last year, and for that we are forever thankful. There are only three more days to join in on this opportunity to keep some less fortunate kids warm and happy this holiday season.

To join in on the drive and to give back to those of you who are donating, King Pheenix has stepped up to make this drive even more fun by offering the chance for the supporters to have a direct part in his next EP, "Collaboration Calibration!" Here's the details:

King Pheenix and Scrub Club Proudly bring you the "Collaboration Calibration," a 6 track EP where the ideas come directly from you! Give to the kids and get back awesome music you want to hear.

Bidding winners on each track will get to chose their own subject for the song! Whether it be a personal theme song, a lyrical challenge, or an just an idea you wish someone would do a track about, you will receive a custom, badass song from Phee and friends.

Until Friday, December 9th, you have the opportunity to donate to the Angel Tree clothes drive via the page or widget below. Afterwards, you have to hit up this email – – to place a bid on the following team-ups you would like to have on your track. Include your total donation amount, your top three participant selections from below, and your song idea. The highest donator for each track listed below will win the ability to customize the song at the end of the drive and will have their name and idea posted via the post-drive video blogs. They will also be listed in the album credits for their contribution.

Here are your options:

  1. King Pheenix / Soup or Villainz
  2. King Pheenix / Rob Grounds
  3. Bizarro XMen
  4. King Pheenix Solo
  5. King Pheenix / Mystery Guest 1
  6. King Pheenix / Mystery Guest 2


As a special bonus, the highest bidder overall will get one free year to the Scrub Club Dimes Program! That includes:

  • Access to the Dime HQ
  • News items as they happen live, before updates are made to the site and/or the socials
  • Downloads of our new albums one full week prior to public release
  • A shoutout on the socials upon joining as well as an announcement on the main site
  • First listens of singles, demos, and snippets of work in progress
  • A membership card that you can carry that gets you into special member shows for free as well as discounts and offers from participating Scrub Club partners
  • Five Scrub Club stickers of your choice
  • A 2.25" No Dough button
  • An autographed welcome letter from MadHatter
  • Bonus hookups and contests whenever we randomly think them up

For those who can't really afford to join the bidding crew, we havent forgotten you. For everyone who donates at least $1, you will not only get this EP one full week early, but also King Pheenix's next solo album early as well!

So, there you have it! Dont miss out on the Collaboration Calibration project while helping out the less fortunate this year. Sometimes we all need a helping hand.

Contest rules:

  1. No malicious content (we are not shock comedians, nor are we your personal pitbull, we just make good music).
  2. All ideas are subject to review (most will be no problem, of course. We have no problems being clowns, but some things are obviously taboo).
  3. Just in case you get out-bid on your top choice, make sure to include a second and third participant choice as mentioned above.
  4. There are no refunds, of course, since this is a drive for charity.

Donations can be made available via this link right here or through the form below.




Donate to Angel Tree – Children in Need




A note about PayPal – We use WePay because it's tremendously better than PayPal. HOWEVER – If you can only donate with PayPal, please send that donation to We will transfer over the PayPal donations before adding everything together as well!

For many more details about the Angel Tree drive, please click on our previous blog about the donations by clicking here.