New SCR artist: Maros!

With the announcement of the new site today comes even more fresh news – Maros, who wowed judges and listeners alike in our 2009 Versus Mode Competition and was featured on a few of our Noncents releases, is now the newest member of the Scrub Club Records family. He's joining as equal parts musician and Sonic the Hedgehog expert (every label needs one, amirite?).

His new album is on it's way! In fact, he's just waiting on two guest verses and he's ready to roll. Unfortunately, one of those is me… So now that this blasted v10 site is up, I can get back to music and help Maros get his album out quick!

For more information on this rising Nerdcore emcee, click this right here or visit him on in our "Artists" section on the top menu.

If you get a chance, holler at him on the socials or here in the comments to welcome him in!