Scrubs occupy the streets!

Today, Scrub Club Records proudly announces solidarity with the Occupy movement.

If you don't know anything about the mission of Occupy Wall Street, please head on over to the official site by clicking here. Chances are good that your state has an Occupy group forming near the decision-making houses of your legislature.

To put it in simple terms, the 99% of the American population that has to deal with poverty, lack of insurance, excessive taxing, etc. is fed up with the 1% at the top who live lives of luxury on the back of our dollars and the harm to our families. Of course, we've had it with this treatment for years, but it has reached a breaking point. It started on Wall Street, as thousands began to occupy the streets and parks near the area in protest of the corporations and banks that are ruining American lives at an increasing rate. As of today, the movement is in it's 12th day, and it's not just in New York City anymore. Support groups are marching and occupying other states, and several countries now have chapters springing up to show their faith in our people as we fight for our true liberties. With any luck, these protests won't just end with a fizzle or be shut down by law enforcement – we hope that actual changes are made, and that more people become aware that they're not alone in this fight.

So, why Scrub Club? Well, we are definitely a part of that 99%… hell, most of us are in the lower portions of that percent. Your average Scrub Club supporter lives paycheck to paycheck, if they're lucky enough to have a stable job as it is. Most of our artists are the same way. Quite a few of us have families. Instead of simply being afraid of our future in this country and stand idly by, we would rather lend our support to the first widespread movement of this type in our lifetimes. The first step behind support is education – and since the mass media is attempting to brown out or black out the events of these protests, it is up to us who basically live online to get the word out. We offer as much support as we can to the cause, whether it be word of mouth, physically, or by donation.

If there is an Occupy movement near you and you've got nothing to lose, consider helping out. If there isn't one, it's easy to start one up and gain help from the main groups.

Good luck and well wishes to all of our Scrubs out there on the streets. Don't let up! Will this spark a true red, white, and blue revolution? I guess we will have to see. After all, this is exactly how Egypt started.

Above all, be safe. Protect yourself and your families in the best way that fits your lifestyle.