The Anthem of the 99%

This band was supposed to be under wraps until it was time to release the first album, but given the sudden urgency of the Occupy movement, the group is rising up to help the cause. The "404 Device" is an Industrial Hip Hop band vocalized by King Pheenix and MadHatter, orchestrated by Untested Methods, and features thrash guitars by Josh C., who you've heard on Untested Methods' RAT21POW20 EP.

The album is underway, but the action on Wall Street, in other states, and now in other countries calls for an anthem. Untested Methods and King Pheenix got to work and cooked up this single for the masses out there fighting on the streets to bob their heads to and get their blood boiling.

We give you "Occupied," the revolutionary anthem of the 99%.

You can click here to download it directly. If that overflows, you can also try this link. Spread this track as far as you can, and know that Scrub Club has your back!

The 404 is coming in 2012! Hit up our Facebook and Twitter to stay informed.



We the people, see the truth self evident
Resonant, rotten to the core, smell it, Mr. President
Falling to the bottom and the rocks are seeming relevant
Dropped off a cliff by a donkey and an elephant
Selling it to the highest bidder, freedom's a commodity
Trade it on Wall Street while you're hearkening equality
Sparking the economy, lost jobs and turncoats
Bottom line's a special hell, hoping that you burn slow
No, let the words flow down where they stop and tread
Gathering of masses, grasping for a common thread
99 percent, looking for a change in clout
The poor go to jail while the criminals get bailed out
Tout your interests while the lowest go hungry
Gloving the tax money, the pit is steady running... dry
And you think us standing here is stunning?
We put our money where our mouth is, your mouth where it is for money

You feeling the noise? Steady checking the signs, beeline to your front door
Can't get us to move, hell, or even subside, 'til change has come forth
Tired of your bullshit, nowhere to hide, we'll be waiting right here
Corporate greed meet the true bottom line, we will be your new fear

Standing at your gates, barrel down at your doorstep
Voice reverberate, for a world of support next
Growing ever larger, evolution of raw text
Like a hockey game, no balance and all checks
Spec, everything that you never wanted seen
United force cracking at the heart of your machine
Revolve the black screens and capturing the eyes
Reaction of a country with a new sign, Occupied.