Final Challenge

No featured artist today. If you're not familiar with someone in our roster, though, go ahead and check 'em out!

Where will you go? How many flyers will you hand out?

And now, your mission awaits:

Today is the last Hit the Streets With Flyers Day! Here's what we would love for you to do:

1. Go to our flyers and stickers page here on the site.

2. Download the files you think are cool. Additionally, you can download the mysterious Facebook QR code flyers here.

3. The files are print-ready! Print some out at home or take them to a copy shop to mass produce them for cheap.

4. Take them wherever you go while you're out and about. The opportunity comes up often to tell people about Scrub Club, now you will be armed with an easy way to tell people how to get to our site to download all this awesome, free stuff!


And there you have it, the final challenge of The March of Scrubs is complete! Thank you so much for promoting, as usual. Much love to all of our Scrubby family out there!

We will update this Monday with the impact y'all had on our month-wide effort!

Day 30 Challenge

There is no featured Scrub Club artist today. Instead, we are showcasing other independent artists that are kicking ass and are definitely worth your time. Please visit the musicians below to check out other hard-working, dedicated independent acts that have never needed a huge, mainstream label to make their music known:

8 Bit Weapon

8 Bit Weapon, who have been programming chips to do their music bidding for the last twelve years on projects bigger than you could even imagine. [California]


Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock, a comic book and pop culture addict who damn near releases an EP of music every single week. Seriously, no one stays as busy as this guy. [Tennessee]


Dan Dyer

Dan Dyer, the highly under-rated blues singer that could be one of the greatest of our time. Performs to stay alive, could give a damn about money. [Texas]


DJ Carbon

DJ Carbon, who has been a leader in just about any genre that includes turntables. Always evolving, there's no one label to classify him as a DJ. [Kansas]


Doctor Octoroc

Doctor Octoroc, an artist who never sleeps. Retro-style musician, king of all bead spriters, and animator to some really huge projects. [Pennsylvania]


Dual Core

Dual Core, the incredibly hype Nerdcore Hip Hop group made of equal parts c64 (producer) and int eighty (emcee) that has close ties to the hacking and programming communities. [Ohio]



Ghettosocks, a JUNO Nominated artist from up north, whose quirky lyricism and punchlines are always next level. Quickly gaining loyal listeners worldwide. [Nova Scotia]


Krizz Kaliko

Krizz Kaliko, a unique, larger-than-life (pretty much literally) rapper and heart-stopping vocalist from the Midwest who is labelmates with Tech N9ne. [Missouri]


Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal, an underground Hip Hop veteran and star of several speed rap videos you've most likely seen on YouTube. Also, a cranky Irish guy. [Missouri]


MC Frontalot

MC Frontalot, the Godfather of the Nerdcore genre and community, still at the top of his game. He is joined by a fantastic band to make a killer live show. [New York]



Random, also known as Mega Ran, is an oldschool Hip Hop cat, teacher, and Nerdcore leader. Also, he will beat that ass on any Capcom title you choose. [Arizona]



Schaffer the Darklord

Schaffer the Darklord, a former Metal musician turned genius Nerdcore rapper, diehard performer, and Burlesque movement supporter. [New York]


Shinobi Ninja

Shinobi Ninja, an always humble band that rolls Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, and other elements into an impressive mix for you to smoke. [New York]


Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne, a jaw-dropping cadence tactician and the catalyst behind one of the most massive forces in independent artistry, Strange Music. [Missouri]


The Protomen

The Protomen, a theatric, 80's style rock-and-roll opera outfit that bases their content on the Mega Man series, turning it into an epic, face-melting tale. [Tennessee]


The ThoughtCriminals

The ThoughtCriminals, a duo of true Hip Hop heads that also happen to be real big nerds. They are backed up by a live band and always put up one hell of a show. [North Carolina]



YTCracker, the former cracker and spammer. Now a king of both Nerdcore and the internet itself. He's also been known to make a lil' LOL MONEY (MONEY LOL). [Colorado]


And now, your mission awaits:

Today, Facebook Boost Day returns! Now that the month is wrapping up, it's time to revisit and bring in the new connections that we've made together during the March of the Scrubs event. Here's what we would love for you to do:

1. Go to the official Scrub Club Records Facebook page.

2. If you haven't already, hit the "Like" button.

3. Find the little gear button to the right underneath the banner:

Step 1

4. Click that, and select "Share:"

Step 2

5. You are now ready to share us with the world! At the top, you'll see your options on HOW you want to share our page. Please select "On your own timeline (or profile)." If you are a member of groups that you think would enjoy us, come back and repeat this step for "In a group." If you run a business, supporter, or artist page and would like to show support, come back and repeat this step for "On your Page." Before you hit the "Share Page" button, make sure to write a note to your friends, groups, supporters, or customers so that they know what we're about before they go to the link. If you're not feeling creative, feel free to copy and pate what's shown in the image: "Scrub Club is worth checking out. They are the hardest working independent artists out there, trying to destroy greed in the industry and give the power back to musicians and listeners. And all their albums are FREE!"

Step 3

6. You're all done! Hell yeah, thanks for the major help!


Awesome Extra Credit

If you're a fellow independent artist or if you run a Facebook page that runs along the same interests we do, feel free to do this to spread the word, also. Instead of selecting "Share" after clicking the gear button, select "Add To My Page's Favorites:"

Step 4

And then, select which page (or pages) you would like to link up with Scrub Club:

Step 5

Click on "Save," and you've earned yourself some bonus points!


True Soldier Extra Credit

Want to help us out a tenfold more? Do the above steps for your favorite Scrub Club artists as well! Follow the links below to their pages:

Dale Chase:



Emergency Pizza Party:


Kabuto the Python:

King Pheenix:



Rob Grounds:

Service Lab:

Soup or Villainz:




Untested Methods:


Street Team Extra Credit

QR code flyers

Want to spread the Facebook page offline? We made a somewhat nerdy, somewhat mysterious QR code flyer that you can print out, cut out, and leave everywhere that might attract attention! Zelda lovers, Nintendo addicts, and curious weirdos alike will take out their smart phone, scan this code, and it will send them straight to our Facebook page! Nifty, eh? Just click on the image above or click here to download the Facebook QR code flyer.

Please note: Whether you're cutting these out yourself or making the copy shop do it – Starting in the top-left corner, you cut every 2.75 inches. This will leave you with exactly 12 square, 2.75" flyers per sheet. Spread 'em all around!


And there you have it, challenge 30 of The March of Scrubs is complete! Stay tuned for more fresh updates about other independent artists at different times today, and thank you so much for promoting. Much love to all of our Scrubby family out there!

Day 29 Challenge

There is no featured artist today. Instead, we are showcasing our "Noncents" volumes – Collections of unreleased tracks, rare audio, singles, and other special files from our current and past artists that were never put on our main albums.

Noncents Volumes from Scrub Club Records

If you're the ultimate Scrub Club collector or that sounds like your kind of thing, please click right here to download all 12 mixed Noncents and all 5 artist-specific Noncents albums!


And now, your mission awaits:

Today is Outreach Day! Here's what we would love for you to do:

1. You already know about Scrub Club Records and their mission, and over the past month, you've let all your friends (and even complete strangers) know all about us. Today is a different kind of outreach, but equally important.

2. We want you to go out there and introduce us and our unique way of doing things to other outlets – Link us to other musicians you enjoy that you would love to hear them collaborate with us, no matter their popularity level. Contact great visual artists that you watch that might be down to help donate some art to our cause. Send tips, messages, and emails to your favorite sites and blogs that could get us a greater amount of exposure. Hit up your favorite podcasts and tell them it would be awesome to get us on there for an interview or guest host. Encourage your online and college radio-type stations to play our music. Place our flyers, stickers, stencils, or your own custom signs in public places with a link to our site. Toss some Scrub Club tracks into Turntable FM and other likewise sites. Send a message to your buddies on XBox Live to check out our page. The sky is literally the limit (unless you know some astronauts)!

3. That's it! The main goal is to spread like wildfire in new places, to reach new listeners, make new friends, and eventually gain new Scrub Club family.


And there you have it, challenge 29 of The March of Scrubs is complete! Stay tuned for more fresh updates 

“New Game”

Methods has been working on this project for a full year, and the polish shows. It's easily some of the best UM material there is.

It mixes electronic elements that are sometimes pure and sometimes glitchy with occasional guitar riffs and haunting piano. Since there are no vocals on the entire album, it's up to your ears and brain to come up with the true meaning behind the music.

Even without words, it's easy to pick up on the adventure of it all – Each track feels like an emotional journey, a video game sound track to your actual life. If you dig this release, be on the lookout for "New Game+" which features vocals by Untested Methods and guests as a bonus.


Day 28 Challenge

Before we get to today's challenge, the twenty eighth mission of the March of Scrubs, let's check out the artist spotlight for today, March 28th: Untesteed Methods.

Untested Methods of Scrub Club Records

Born and raised in New Orleans, Untested Methods is a musical project that combines a love for all things geeky and nerdy with electronic music.

Inspired by acts such as Pig, NIN, Celldweller, and many other electronic hybrid artists, Untested Methods enjoys bouncing from various genres. Focusing primarily on dirty basslines and distorted synths, the music is a mix of Synth Pop, Industrial, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and more. Untested Methods is here to create a varied experience that keeps your head nodding and feet moving.

For social info and to download his 8 solo albums and 3 featured albums for free, click right here.


And now, your mission awaits:

Today begins the Burst Nexus RPG Contest! Here's what we would love for you to do:

1. Did you know we host a super-oldschool, text-based, multiplayer, online RPG here at Scrub Club Records? Well, it's called "Burst Nexus," and today, we all start adventuring (and slaying each other) together! Even some Scrub Club artists will be fighting alongside you… or chopping your limbs off. You know, whateva.

A typical battle in Burst Nexus...

2. Go here for a quick start guide and to access the game to create your character.

3. Explore the amazing city of Amalgam – A place stuck in all time periods at once that mashes together characters and locations from comics, video games, science fiction, fantasy, and more.

4. Use the quick start guide to figure out the best methods of survival and exploration in the first few days. You will eventually learn how to play your best (probably the hard way).

5. This is an official campaign tournament! Your mission? To kill the vile creature in the forest known as Kabuto, and destroy any other player that gets in your way. The first player to defeat him 4 times wins the tournament!

6. The winner receives not only 6 months worth of Dimes Club membership, but also a copy of Super Munchkin with the Narrow S-Cape expansion!

7. This one's for the hardcore gamers out there – It will take about 45-60 days for a champion to emerge, and the only way you'll come out on top is if you log in almost every single day. It's going to be brutal!


And there you have it, challenge 28 of The March of Scrubs is complete! Stay tuned for more fresh updates about Untested Methods at different times today, and thank you so much for promoting. Much love to all of our Scrubby family out there!