Day 2 Challenge

Before we get to today's challenge, the second mission of the March of Scrubs, let's check out the artist spotlight for today, March 2nd: Service Lab:

Service Lab of Scrub Club Records

Service Lab has come to take the power back.

Over the past three decades, electronic music has been taken hostage by serious, semi-evil, robot-like musicians. Taking themselves very seriously, Service Lab does every thing they can to make electronic music less serious. No more serious people twisting knobs and pushing buttons. Electronic music is here for us to dance to it, and dancing should be fun.

Playing their beats all around Israel, and now more recently in America, the revolution is well on its way. Service Lab is a dual laptop, electronic, ass-moving duo ready to set the dance floor on fire and keep you grinning and grinding.

For social info and music videos, click right here.


And now, your mission awaits:

Today is Donate Your Social Account Day! Here's what we would love for you to do:

1. Go to the official Donate Your Account: Scrub Club page.

2. Click whichever social media site you use the most, Facebook or Twitter:

Step 1

3. You will be asked to confirm that you want to be able to automatically share our announcements every once and awhile through this social media service. Don't worry, it's not spam, it's not invasive to your account, and it's totally safe!

4. Now you get to choose what level of donor you want to be, or in other words, how often it will automatically share our updates: Once a day, once a week, or once a month. We promise we won't have it share every single update we send out, just our most important news items and album releases! You can trust us on a one-post-per-day setting, as we often don't have critical news every day, but that's all up to you.

5. You're all done! Now you don't have to worry about missing and not sharing our top announcements. Your life is now easier! Haha. Hell yeah, thanks for the major help!


True Soldier Extra Credit

You've donated one social account. If you use the other service (Twitter or Facebook), why not donate that one to the cause as well? Dual social donating is obviously the best way to help us out.


And there you have it, challenge 2 of The March of Scrubs is complete! Stay tuned for more fresh updates about Service Lab at different times today, and thank you so much for promoting. Much love to all of our Scrubby family out there!