Day 23 Challenge

Before we get to today's challenge, the twenty third mission of the March of Scrubs, let's check out the artist spotlight for today, March 23rd: MadHatter:

MadHatter of Scrub Club Records

MadHatter considers himself an "everyman" in the underground entertainment business. While he openly claims not be the best at what he does, he does put in an unbelievable amount of effort into his work and strives to do better. Always learning, always evolving, he not only runs the Scrub Club label, he also produces music, records and mixes albums, spits complex, mathematical flows, contributes artwork both digital and traditional, does graphics design for the site and printed products, builds and keeps all of the Scrub sites updated, creates gaming mechanics, handles promotions and public relations including booking, runs audio / visual equipment, runs printing presses, and lots of other tasks that most labels have to outsource. It's a lot of work, but keeping Scrub Club going is just as important to him as taking care of a step family. Except… a good step family.

He has gained awards and achievements both big and small for his music, played a few dozen shows, helped other artists out with unending support, and is the well-known "good guy" in the independent scene.

Into the music game since 2001 and an always dedicated worker in the official day job market, he knows a great deal on how to handle business and make good development decisions and hopes to someday to run an all-ages entertainment venue that features art, spoken word, live music, and food fit for fat kids like himself. That way, he can keep on supporting his vision as well as helping out as many other artists as he possibly can.

Scrub Club is his dream, and he has already accomplished what he sent out to do in the first place… changed the life of at least one person with his music. Now that he has what he's always wanted, he drives forward to enjoy the rest of the ride. It's all plus, baby!

For social info, music videos, and to download his 4 solo albums and 16 featured albums for free, click right here.


And now, your mission awaits:

Today is Question and Answer Day! Here's what we would love for you to do:

1. Go to the official Scrub Club Records Facebook page.

2. Find the "Question and Answer" post pinned towards the top of the page.

3. Ask any question you would like! It doesn't have to be about MadHatter, it can be about Scrub Club as a whole or about the other artists. Be sure to try and tag artist names if you ask about them so that they can jump into the thread and answer your questions if we don't immediately have a response for you. MadHatter will be monitoring this thread all day taking questions, so please fire away, whatever you would like to know!


True Soldier Extra Credit

Try coming up with questions that have never been asked before. Don't be afraid to speak up! We are not some "big shot," stuck up record label, we are a collection of artists that feel we are on the same exact level of you. As such, never be afraid to speak to us. We're here for you!


And there you have it, challenge 23 of The March of Scrubs is complete! Stay tuned for more fresh updates about MadHatter at different times today, and thank you so much for promoting. Much love to all of our Scrubby family out there!