Day 5 Challenge

Before we get to today's challenge, the fifth mission of the March of Scrubs, let's check out the artist spotlight for today, March 5th: Diabeats:

Dieabeats of Scrub Club Records

Diabeats is a type-1 diabetic type-A personality originally from York, PA. For now, she bounces around in PA, MD and Indianapolis, IN, where she hopes to have a home come next summer. She’s about to graduate from college with a double major in English and Spanish; she loves language, words and literature. In the next few months, Diabeats will read until her eyes bleed ink and write until her arms resemble those of a tyrannosaurus. Generally she does not enjoy jokes about Wilford Brimley, the heat, hipsters, whiners and people who pronounce words incorrectly.

Her favorite aspects of nerd life are video games, reading fantasy and science fiction novels, television shows, movies and recently comic books. Favorites of these include Star Wars, Arrested Development, rhythm games like DDR and Guitar Hero, Ender’s Game, Marvel comics, RPGs, lurking on internet forums and Vampire: the Masquerade.

Music has always been a part of her life: she started playing piano when she was 8, started playing the trumpet when she was 11 and sang in various choral groups throughout her life. In the spring of 2008, a college housemate introduced her to underground hip-hop and encouraged her to write a rap song, understanding her love of writing and poetry. After having nearly illegal amounts of fun doing so, she penned a few more and eventually, through meeting friends online and off, found her way into nerdcore. It proved a perfect place for her style and she met wonderful friends and mentors in MadHatter, MC_Loki, Deafinition and D20. After the Versus Mode tournament in the fall of 2009, Diabeats joined Scrub Club Records and released the Bloodclan album with MC_Loki based on White Wolf’s Vampire: the Masquerade lore. She performed with Scrub Club at the 2010 and 2011 GenCon Nerdcore Entertainment Showcase. Since then, she tries to make as much time as she can for recording music, collaborating with awesome Nerdcore artists and using too many references to “hips, lips and tits” in her songs.

For social info and to download her 6 featured albums for free, click right here.


And now, your mission awaits:

Today is the Art Contest Day! Here's what we would love for you to do:

1. Grab some paper and pencils, beads, spray paint, markers, crayons, wacom tablets, sculpting clay, knitting needles, computer mice – whatever you use to make art.

2. Create as many dope pieces of Scrub Club art as you can! The freshest piece of art from all of the submissions is the winner – and the prize is a year's worth of Dimes Club!

3. Submitting them to us is easy – If you're friends with MadHatter on Facebook, attach a file to your message. If you want to use email, then send your art to Or, if you upload it elsewhere, just send Hatter a message with the link.

RULES: There are none! Are you kidding me? This is art we're talking about here. Do whatever you think is awesome. All submissions will be posted in our gallery as well as on Facebook, so make sure to include who to properly credit. If you think there's a possibility that we would want to use your art or design on some upcoming merch, flyers, or other projects, make sure to start off large and with at least 300dpi!


True Soldier Extra Credit

Try and do a piece for each and every Scrub Club artist. We dare you.


And there you have it, challenge 5 of The March of Scrubs is complete! Stay tuned for more fresh updates about Diabeats at different times today, and thank you so much for promoting. Much love to all of our Scrubby family out there!

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