“Dirty Apes Discover Science”

Beats, bass, and beakers! "Rapbassador," the album Funky49 created to promote Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry now has a sequel: "Dirty Apes Discover Science." This release is aimed at the nerds, geeks, scientists, and engineers who need some Hip Hop in their life. It is also for rap listeners who have had their fill of songs about cars and jewelery.

Dirty Apes Discover Science is a genre-spanning work with influences from Dubstep, Electro-House, R&B, and old-school Hip Hop.

In the lead track, “Science Like Us,” the scientific method (observation, hypothesis, prediction, experimentation, conclusion) is amazingly distilled into 8 bars of rap. “Gene Swap” humorously delves into the under-represented biological side of sex. There is praise for the humble particle in “My Electron,” as well as jabs at the willful ignorance of the Insane Clown Posse. Kudos are given to everyone’s favorite internet company with “Google That.” Personal to Funky49, there is mad love for the scientist / inventor in “Ben Franklin is my BFF.” The track “Particle Business” highlights the quest to discover how the universe evolved and the David and Goliath-like competition of discovery that existed between CERN in Europe and Fermilab outside of Chicago, IL.

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