“Drop EP”

It's hard to describe this one…

It's got a really unique sound to it, almost as if you went into space and were captured by aliens that threw you into an intergalactic rave and fed you strange drugs from a planet never seen by human telescopes.

You danced all night while on those drugs, and then the aliens tossed you into a chill room. You're paralyzed as sexy aliens crawl all over you, but the minimalist, futuristic background music is slowly infecting your ears… and through the paralysis, the shit is so funky that you still manage to nod your head to the beat.

Or maybe switch those aliens with an ancient race of rapping synthetic beings whose mission is to travel to Earth and show the humans what they've learned about the power of our most underground stylings of Hip Hop. They capture you and toss you into a gigantic bass tube, playing fresh tracks unlike anything you've heard before, so loud that your eardrums turn inside out. Yeah, this EP is exactly like that.