“Self Made Loner”

The mARTIAN has landed at Scrub Club headquarters, choosing our homie eMpyre ramireX as his host body. To teach us of his life back on his home planet (a rusty, deserted asteroid called Detroit), he beamed "Self Made Loner" into our brains through our earholes.

What we learned is that sAMPLE is very versed in underground Earthling Hip Hop, technology, zombie viruses, poetry, and getting stuck in tractor beams repeatedly, which you will hear all about on this release.

Although he's been tuned into our geekiest media signals for years, his musical product is not like any other Nerdcore release you've heard. Dark, funky rhythms collide with heavy drums to pick you up off your feet, but you also trip down worm holes filled with psychedelic ambience. Definitely original, definitely dope, "Self Made Loner" is a fresh breathe of toxic air.