The “R2D2 EP”

Service Lab is making moves – They just arrived in the States from Israel only months ago, and they quickly found and joined forces with Scrub Club. Just 38 days later, they are now ready to launch their first EP to give you just a taste of what they're capable of.

While the dudes love (and are reinventing) electronic music, all four tracks on this release are of completely different styles. "R2D2" is an extended mix track about the stubborn, badass droid you all know and love. It mixes a sort of spoken word delivery over rolling melodies with touches of dubstep. "BouncingHead Volleyball" is a quirky, funky track with absurd Hip Hop vocals. "Empire of War" digs its heels in deeper and gets down with a dope breakbeat. Finally, "Dead Beats" ends the project on a serious note about the fall of music to automatic means against an atmospheric voyage of sounds.

Service Lab's stylings are so unique, that we recommend it to people that both already love electronic music as well as to people that don't normally listen to it. Give it a try and prepare for more incredible frequencies to tickle your brain in the future!