Emergency Pizza Party (Hip Hop, Nerdcore)

Emergency Pizza Party

Emergency Pizza Party

Orlando, Florida (USA)

Emergency Pizza Party, also well-known as "EPP," is an indie Hip Hop group based out of Orlando, Florida. Over the years, they've switched around a few members, but their current, awesome line-up is Benjamin Bear, MC Wreckshin, Betty Rebel, Sir-Up, Funky49, and The Shinobi MC. 

EPP’s lyrics and content consists of references to comics, movies, video games, and anything generally considered to be part of nerd or geek culture. Emergency Pizza Party are known to have a very unorthodox, sometimes silly, and wholly unique sound that is uncommon within the Nerdcore community. 

In February of 2008, EPP joined the ranks of many other musicians to contribute to the 2008-RPM challenge. This contest would mark the release of their first full length LP, "Ughuuhghhhh," which received many positive reviews from critics and listeners alike. 

Later that year, the band produced "Zombie Emergency Defense," or "Z.E.D." The theme of this album was inspired by an idea from a local Orlando business, A Comic Shop, for an organization designed to train citizens in case of a zombie apocalypse. The album was done in the spirit of a 1930’s radio drama and consisted of a narrator, skits, and songs to tell the story. A Comic Shop heavily promoted the album which was was released Tuesday, October 27th, and EPP performed it live in its entirety at A Comic Shop’s annual Halloween show “Zombie Dance.” It received stronger reviews than the first album and made their next release highly anticipated. 

After an almost two year release hiatus, Emergency Pizza Party is back with what promises to be the first of two albums for the year 2010 which, without a doubt, is their best material to date. EPP and Scrub Club have teamed up to get these hot new tracks blowing up your stereo, so get the new album "Shine Avenue" NOW to see how much EPP has evolved!



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Download "Shine Avenue" by Emergency Pizza PartyDownload "Z.E.D." (Zombie Earth Defense) by Emergency Pizza Party



Download "Dubstep is Magic" by MC WreckshinDownload "Dirty Apes Discover Science" by Funky49Download "The 2nd Best Mixtape Ever" by Rappy McRapperson and MC WreckshinDownload "The Big Kahuna" by TorrentzDownload "Let's Get Bloody" by TorrentzDownload "Remix Casefiles Vol. 1: Nerdcore" by Untested MethodsDownload "Noncents Vol. 19" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 18" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 15" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 14" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 13" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 12" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 11" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 4" by Various Artists





Sir-Up on Facebook Emergency Pizza Party on Twitter Sir-Up on Last.fm Email Sir-Up

AKA: Nick, The Groom, Dad, Sir of all the Ups.

Preferred Topping: Mushrooms.

Pizzateer Secret: Heart. 

The heartiest vegetarian fare you’ll find anywhere! Preaches the word passed on from Marvel deities. Through rap, he spits knowledge of comic book history. Avoids sausage. 


MC WreckshinMC Wreckshin

MC Wreckshin on Facebook Emergency Pizza Party on Twitter MC Wreckshin on Last.fm Email MC Wreckshin

AKA: Sweet Astley, The Mission, Godfather of Birdcore, Weezer Morris.

Preferred Topping: Boba balls.

Pizzateer Secret: Earth. 

Master bowler. Look at his mouth, bitch! Supervillan to some, but bird gangster to all. His mom is Kung Fu. Ask him about the movie he was in! It had your mom in it. Likes to chill with his naked self. 


Betty RebelBetty Rebel

Betty Rebel on Facebook Emergency Pizza Party on Twitter Betty Rebel on Last.fm Email Betty Rebel

AKA: Blowtorch Betty, Betty Rebz, Kiss Kaboom.

Preferred Topping: Cheese.

Pizzateer Secret: Wind. 

Beyond the metaphysical with supernatural intellect. Middle finger up, spitting F-bombs at the US government. She’s quite saucy with a super-heroine secret. Also, she's a hot tamale, also. 


Benjamin BearBenjamin Bear

Benjamin Bear on Facebook Benjamin Bear on Twitter Benjamin Bear on Last.fm Email Benjamin Bear

AKA: BBear, Jakey, Redcat, Benjamin Bud.

Preferred Topping: Mushrooms and Black Olives.

Pizzateer Secret: Fire. 

What can be said of BBear that has not already been said by those who can say it? Exactly. Note: He plays instruments like he plays your mom. Avoids Shasta.



Funky49 on Facebook Funky49 on Twitter Funky49 on Last.fm Email Funky49

AKA: Rapbassador, Starblazer, Doctor Basswave, Fresh Prince of Batavia.

Preferred Topping: Pepperoni and Roma Tomato.

Pizzateer Secret: Is a secret. 

Place in brick oven at 649°F for seven minutes or until crust is well-browned. Top with fresh herbs like basil, oregano, and newly-crushed black pepper. Mozzarella should be fresh like his rhymes.


The Shinobi MC

The Shinobi MC

The Shinobi MC on Facebook The Shinobi MC on Twitter The Shinobi MC on Last.fm Email The Shinobi MC

AKA: WordMurderer, The Hardest Artist, FlowDozer, Prof. Oak the Rapping Sapling.

Preferred Topping: Tomato, Feta Cheese, and Italian Vinaigrette.

Pizzateer Secret: Roll it, light it, smoke it.

When Money Boy Shinobi brandishes his wet, undulating mouth, slickly viscous, vicious, vivacious, loquacious phrases emit to amaze and phase kids.



These albums have received a Scrub Club Iron Release for 2,500+ downloads!

Emergency Pizza Party – "Shine Avenue"

This album has received a Scrub Club Silver Release for 1,000+ downloads!

Emergency Pizza Party – "Z.E.D. – Zombie Emergency Defense"


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