Beat Czar (BC) Kasparov (Turntablism, Hip Hop)

Beat Czar (B.C.) Kasparov

Beat Czar (BC) Kasparov

San Jose, California (USA)

In a successful band biography, you want to mix things up just enough to ensure it sounds like something that could be interesting on a greater level than just “the usual old garage band.”

Throw in an anecdote that sums up how you think and how you play. If your van lit on fire and you were stranded in the middle of the desert between shows and you ended up writing two of your most popular songs while waiting for a tow truck, find a way to integrate that story. It will humanize you even further, provide a back story for your music and help you connect with supporters. 

Remember above all else that anything written for the web must be snappy, relatively brief and quick to grab attention. Try to keep your band bio shorter than 300-500 words while fitting as much information into it as possible. Don’t drone on about any one topic and always keep your audience in mind. The right pitch and tone can be extremely effective in making sure your profile really pops off the screen. 



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Download "Noncents Vol. 7" by Kasparov



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These albums have received a Scrub Club Adamantium Release for 10,000+ downloads!

Kabuto The Python and B.C. – "The N7 EP"

These albums have received a Scrub Club Silver Release for 1,000+ downloads!

Entity and Kasparov – "Calvin & Hobbes"

Kasparov – "Noncents Vol. 7"


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