King Pheenix (Hip Hop)

King Pheenix

King Pheenix

Austin, Texas (USA)


“This mic can move mountains, which monolith goes first?” – KPX 

Ayayayayayo, KPX Society. King Pheenix (Scott Shepley) has been a recording artist since 2003. Getting his start at the age of 15, rapping in street cyphers and plenty of freestyle sessions, now the fire is Eternal. Throughout the years, "Mr.Scorpion” perfected his craft. Now The objective that tops the list – make Hip Hop by any means necessary. After a revitalization through an introduction into the Nerdcore community by fellow musician (and longtime friend) MC 8bit, the mission has Strengthened – make real Hip Hop with a nerdy twinge. 

The Nerdy Unstoppable Force has been on the move ever since. In 2010, KPX’s debut “Hero vs. Villain” surfaced under the Scrub Club label, and changed the game in it’s own unique fashion. A comic book / music amalgam, it has become a memorable foray into Hip Hop storytelling. Some hail it as an “instant classic” and “the Pheenix we’ve been waiting for.” Leaving the listener with a cliffhanger, one question has been asked frequently… When will “The Answer” return? 

Now Finalizing his Second EP "B.I.T.W." and with many projects In The Cache for 2011-2012,many people are asking, is The Pheenix ready to re-gen? Get Ready. Long Awaited, Never Duplicated,Ill tempered, and wild fated. 

Since joining Scrub Club in 2009, Pheenix has performed on multiple stages including Florida’s Nerd Invasion 2009 and Nerdapalooza 2010-2011, the gaming mainstay of Indianapolis’ Gen Con 2010-2011, and several Cities across the U.S. with many artists including Mega Ran and MC Frontalot. 

Its Time for The world to Wake Up, Will you join the fight?……Y/N 







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Download "Event Horizon: No Turning Back" by King PheenixDownload "B.I.T.W." by King PheenixDownload "Hero vs Villain" by King PheenixDownload "Rust Covered Remixes" by King Pheenix and MasDaMind



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This album has received a Scrub Club Silver Release for 1,000+ downloads!

King Pheenix – "Hero vs Villain"

Various Artists – "Versus Mode"


5 thoughts on “King Pheenix (Hip Hop)”

  1. Thanks Quaid. I shall return someday to the carolinas, still got family there. 

    For TX, Lets just say the lyrical "Brothers of Destruction" are gonna show the lone star state whats up.

  2. Damn Phee Wish i would have known you were from my neck of the woods, I feel like iv really missed out on meeting a true hero. Anyways I hope you find what your looking for in Texas!

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