Soup or Villainz (Hip Hop, Nerdcore)

Soup or Villainz

Soup or Villainz

South Bend, Indiana (USA)

Formed in 2009, the Soup Or Villainz base their operations out of South Bend, IN. This group of high class villains consists of Remi-son and Viet Vu with a slew of henchmen and henchwomen. These Soup Or Villainz are out for world domination…not for power but because its just something to do. Along with their hypnotizing beats and lyrical mysticism, they use their strong intellects to turn the youth into mindless zombies one song at a time. 



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Download "Star Talk" by Soup or VillainzDownload "Please Stand By" by Soup or VillianzDownload "World on Fire" by Soup or VillianzDownload "The Disco System" by Soup or VillianzDownload "MW3 Mixtape" by Soup or VillainzDownload "Villainz Are Everywhere" by Soup or VillainzDownload "In the Streets" by Soup or VillainzDownload "Villainz for Hire" (EP Version) by Soup or VillainzDownload "Oxymoron: Nerd / Rapper" by Soup or VillainzDownload "Ready to Fallout: The Vault 101 Mixtape" by Soup or Villainz



Download "Vicarious" by MadHatterDownload "In the A.M." by Remi-sonDownload "Absit Sequuntur" by Remi-sonDownload "Noncents Vol. 19" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 18" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 16" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 15" by Various Artists










Viet VuViet Vu 

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He was born in a secret military camp on Baekdu Mountain on 3 Febraury 1987. His birth at Baekdu Mountain was foretold by a swallow, and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow over the mountain and a new star in the heavens.





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The main producer of the losers because the bad guys never win. Remi-son always locks himself away in his mind's eye to master any and all audio software he can get his hands on. His origins are mostly unknown but he claims that he is from the some time in the future because his musical concepts are ahead of our time.






This album has received a Scrub Club Silver Release for 1,000+ downloads!

Soup or Villainz – "Villainz for Hire"


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