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Remember… remember… the 5th of November?

On the 5th of November 2009, two Nerdcore artists that met on the boards of (currently Nerdcore Now) submitted  their first Songfight track "Welcome Home Frank." Although that particular entry didn't win, it did pave the way for one of the first Nerdcore Supergroups, Torrentz. London-based producer / rapper Milk-Plus and his US counterpart Fatback Supreme continued to write and record, submitting regularly to Songfight, while recruiting a host of fresh rap talent from the Nerdcore community to feature on their tracks. GameMusic4All Records picked up their debut EP "Let's Get Bloody," and it was officially released in April 2010.

The transatlantic divide between founders Milk-Plus and Fatback Supreme defined Torrentz as an internet recording act from the outset and without the pressures of taking the show on the road, they were able to focus on creating an expanding collective. More than anything else, Torrentz is a producer collective with each member using his or her abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, beatsmith, emcee, producer, and singer to showcase an ever-increasing arsenal of collaborators. "At any given time, it changes form, turning from one firetruck of artists into a giant robot made up of other artists" has been one of the more colourful attempts to describe the band.

In 2011, Torrentz stepped up a gear, firstly by welcoming Seattle-based Nerdcore and Chiptune Maestro Klopfenpop to the core member fold, while also signing to Scrub Club Records and releasing their first food-related concept album "The Big Kahuna." In 2012, they also brought New York City-based Hip Hop artist XoC into the family.

Having featured an international cast of Hip Hop veterans and up-and-comers alike (such as Beefy, Whoremoans, The Ranger, Billy The Fridge, Marc With a C, et al), over 25 guest artists have appeared on Torrentz songs after just two albums.

There are three things Torrentz is about:

1. Great music.

2. Free music.

3. Community.

These values made Torrentz and Scrub Club an almost inevitable fit.



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Download "Nerdcore International" by TorrentzDownload "The Big Kahuna" by TorrentzDownload "Let's Get Bloody" by Torrentz



Download "Vicarious" by MadHatterDownload "World on Fire" by Soup or VillianzDownload "Noncents Vol. 18" by Various ArtistsDownload "Noncents Vol. 15" by Various Artists








Milk-Plus on Facebook Milk-Plus on Twitter Milk-Plus on Email Milk-Plus

Milk Plus is a fictional drink from the classic book "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess. 

Milk-Plus is also me! a Nerdcore MC charged with bringing Geeksta Hip Hop to Europe from the United States. The latest Nerdcore releases and news can be found at the above site which serves not only to showcase my own material but also new up and coming braniac rap artists throughout cyberspace.


Fatback SupremeFatback Supreme

Fatback Supreme on MySpace Fatback Supreme on Email Fatback Supreme

Fatback Supreme is A nerdcore MC and producer from the backwoods of Maine. He has played numerous shows all over New England and is know for his memorable stage performances. He is also a core producer of the Nerdcore supergroup Torrrentz of Scrub Club records. Fatback has dropped literally hundreds of tracks over the years and has collaborated with some of nerdcore's biggest names.



Klopfenpop on Facebook Klopfenpop on Twitter Klopfenpop on Email Klopfenpop

Ensuring Seattle's delightfully nerdy reputation won't be soon forgotten, Klopfenpop combines elements of classic game system sound chips and drum samples (namely the NES, Gameboy, and Commodore 64) with fresh, live drum beats, hauntingly jazzy Rhodes piano, and angry synth sounds that cut through the monotony of life. The clear distinction here is the synergy of new with old, electronic with acoustic, digital with organic. 

His lyricism and delivery definitely show his love for underground hip-hop. Klopfenpop counts legends like Gift of Gab, Aceyalone, and Sage Francis as well as newer artists like B. Dolan, Ghettosocks, and Timbuktu as some of his chief influences.




XoC on Facebook XoC on Twitter Email XoC

XoC is a beatmaker, writer, and Nerdcore rapper who hails from NYC. He's been featured on and produced for past Torrentz releases and has now become a member of the Torrentz family. Aside from Torrentz, he's also released his own solo albums.

Additionally, he and Milk-Plus have come in 3rd place in the Nerdcore Now VPC. He looks forward to helping Torrentz become a smashing success.






This album has received a Scrub Club Silver Release for 1,000+ downloads!

Torrentz – "The Big Kahuna"


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