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“The Almighty”

The Almighty has returned after a long, mysterious hiatus. Kabuto the Python has slithered back to the surface with what is undoubtedly his most well-written, highest quality, rawest material ever. For this release, Kabuto’s goal was to bring his focus to the utmost precision to create his finest work. What he didn’t realize is that he ended up crafting one of the best Hip Hop releases in existence. He tries (and nails) new styles and cadences, and the beats by Variant and Kasparov stand out – you’ve never heard anything like them before. That’s not hype, that’s fact.

Don’t worry, you will still find the traditional shit-talking, punchline-spewing attitude you’ve come to love over the years. However… brace yourselves, because your favorite rapper has evolved a tenfold. The beast you knew before is now a ruthless Kaiju, spitting actual flames rather than just the metaphorical “hot lines.” Never has an album been recorded so… Kabutishly. It’s the project you’ve desperately been waiting for… If you were waiting for a product 1,000 times better than your were desperately waiting for.

To reinforce the freshness of this album, there is a starshipload of featured verses from other members of Nerdcore’s finest including Schaffer the Darklord, MC Frontalot, Adam WarRock, Dual Core, Wordburglar, Random, and a handful of fellow Scrub Club artists.

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“Event Horizon”

Event Horizon: No Turning Back is more than a metaphor for King Pheenix’s musical journey, it’s literal. The “main event,” Phee’s devastating new full release is coming, and this collection is meant to prepare you for its arrival.

Comprised of several one-offs, this download contains singles that were never released or had a very limited release. Standout hits such as his video game tracks “Chasing Shadows”(Limbo) and “Box With the Gods” (God of War) alongside amazing remixes and even a rare demo – “Fucks I Give” by 404 Device.

Are you one of Pheenix’s flames? Are you a V1? Do you just love some good ol’ fashioned roughhouse Hip Hop? Then make sure and add this collection to your favorites.

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“Nerdcore International”

Nerdcore International is one of the most robust and professional offerings from not only Torrentz, but Scrub Club Records as a whole. Just one listen and you’ll understand why this is the age of the independent artist – what sounds like major studio quality tracks were mostly produced and recorded in home studios.

While Torrentz has always stretched worldwide to show off their talent, this release has a serious focus on emcees and musicians from different continents coming together to make amazing music with twists of their respective cultures. The topics are all over the map. You’ll definitely find several songs that are relevant to your interests.

Disclaimer: There are a few rappers on this album that don’t necessarily identify themselves as “nerds” and may actually be gangsters / hustlers. This is not intended to confuse the listener, especially considering the album title. We can, however, guarantee that every contributor is genuine and doesn’t subscribe to the “copycat” culture of modern Hip Hop, which is sadly choking the music we hold so dear. That is not to say that we don’t employ satire, parody, and fiction in our tracks, which is what makes this album unique. Nerdcore Hip Hop is evolving rather than dying as some people have stated in the past. This album’s diversity is a testament to that fact.

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2 Mello – One Problem Settled

FFIX - One Problem Settled (2 Mello Remix)

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The first Final Fantasy remix Mello's ever done, and he's quite proud of it! He took this rarely-heard track from FFIX and gave it a 90's West Coast/Dre feel (which it already carried quite a bit in the original). Hope you enjoy!
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