• 2 Mello - STR8UP
  • Beat Czar Kasparov - Zucchabar
  • Deafinition - Influence
  • DJ RoboRob - Avada Kadavrastep (Harry Potter Tribute)
  • Emergency Pizza Party - Never Make the Airwaves (feat. KZA)
  • funky49 - Science Like Us
  • HDninja - Carformer
  • Kabuto the Python - The Almighty (feat. Nick Kwas)
  • King Pheenix - Box With the Gods
  • MadHatter - Battlefield Verse
  • Maros - Get Game (feat. Klopfenpop, NES-T, and MadHatter)
  • MC Ohm-I - Nerd You Up
  • MC Wreckshin - Clean Swag Shine (feat. Benjamin Bear)
  • Rob Grounds - Come Running
  • sAMPLE tHE mARTIAN - The T-Virus (Electrocution Graveyard Mix)
  • Service Lab - BouncingHead Volleyball
  • Sinister Six - Rise Up
  • Soup or Villainz - Moon Theory
  • Southside - Drop
  • Untested Methods - Theme Interlude - Zelda End Credits
  • StarF - Arsonist
  • Torrentz - Boomtime Hustle (feat. Thunderball, Fatback Supreme, MC3P0, and MC117)

The Killaz Join Forces With Scrub Club!

The Killaz have joined Scrub Club Records!

The Killaz, longtime homies of MadHatter, have joined forces with Scrub Club Records for their grand return to world domination! Des stands atop his fortress with his emotionless chrome mask, a mountain of laser-based weapons behind him. Stacy, at his side, fools all with her devilish fine looks while secretly calculating 30 ways to kill you with her bare hands. Their crew, hidden in the shadows, is ready to permanently erase all the survivors.

Oldschool Scrubs will remember these Joe-murdering cats for sure. In fact, The Killaz pretty much started doing music when Scrub Club started… We were all running parallels for the longest time, now we are true comrades in arms! We will soon re-release the “Brain Waves” mixtape as well as “No Bullets Necessary.” Coming up after that? An incredible, all brand new Killaz album!

Haven’t been introduced to the world’s raddest, flauge-rocking terror group? Here’s a blast from 2005 past – “40 Inch Rims.” Not on your car, asshole. On their death-dealing tanks!

“Blow Me”

“Blow Me” is the bizarre new EP by Service Lab. It has no real aim, it’s just three random tracks to insert into your brain, pull out, blow into, and then re-insert.

The first song deals exactly with that – A love story to a lost Game Boy and the follies of having to blow cartridges to get them to load. The second song is a bassy, chippy cover of The Simpsons theme song. And the last song is a collaboration between Noam and MadHatter about an ill-fated guy who receives instructions from God to make a falafel restaurant.

Is that odd enough for you? Good, go ahead and download it for a quirky kick to your day!

Please click here to download!

“The Anarchist Rhymebook”

“The Anarchist Rhymebook” is Scrub Club’s first politically-focused album, and it couldn’t have emerged at a more important time.

King Pheenix, Untested Methods, Illuminerdi, and MadHatter banded togetherto create this nightmare of Industrial Metal / Hip Hop. The messages within warn of greed, the loss of freedom of speech, occupation, distopian futures, and those of us still scraping by to survive day by day under the clouds of tragedy.

Methods provides the hard-hitting beats, Illuminerdi blasts his guitar, and Pheenix and Hatter project their voices to call their fellow brothers and sisters to the battlefield. To share. To educate. To strike self-doubt in the hearts of those who would crush us under their heel.

Please click here to download!


It’s Noncents… er… Starfcents – Yet another collection of unreleased, recovered, and rare songs!

It’s 34 tracks of forgotten or online-only audio collected over the last few years and put onto one album for you to enjoy. And this time around, it’s 1007% StarF! Collaborations, early demos, and more await you!

Your ears will be treated to lost verses and content from StarF, his best friend (bro homo) Mattari 2600, and an ill begotten group called “The Brigayde:” Possibly the most / least manliest hardcore rap group ever made.

Be warned – While there is quite a bit of serious songs on this release, there is such a large amount of penis jokes that this release has also been subtitled “Dick Joke Island.” Because of this, please enjoy the alternate cover art in the zip file.

Please click here to download!


“Progression” is precisely what Maros specializes in. Over the years, he has only honed his craft.

This 5 track EP is just a small sample of what you have in store over this next year as he twists and turns, finding more sounds to evolve before moving on to the next ones. It’s a mixed bag of styles, tempos, and subjects.

You’ll hear “Damn It,” which is the core of Maros on display, and “Brains” which attacks him from the outside. You’ll hear “Cruisin’” and the funkiness of what seems to be an 8 bit talkbox. But amongst the fun, there’s still time to slow down and get serious – “Losing You” and “My World” take you closer to Maros’ heart, which you’ll find is always available at sleeve length.

Please click here to download!

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