• 2 Mello - STR8UP
  • 404 Device - Fucks I Give
  • DJ RoboRob - Avada Kadavrastep (Harry Potter Tribute)
  • Kabuto the Python - The Almighty (feat. Nick Kwas)
  • The Killaz - 40 Inch Rims
  • King Pheenix - Show Off (Ken)
  • MadHatter - Battlefield Verse
  • Maros - Get Game (feat. Klopfenpop, NES-T, and MadHatter)
  • MC Ohm-I - Nerd You Up
  • MC Wreckshin - Clean Swag Shine (feat. Benjamin Bear)
  • RPG-Unit - Vault Hunters
  • Sinister Six - Rise Up
  • Soup or Villainz - Moon Theory
  • Southside - Drop
  • StarF - Arsonist
  • Torrentz - Boomtime Hustle (feat. Thunderball, Fatback Supreme, MC3P0, and MC117)
  • Untested Methods - Theme Interlude - Zelda End Credits

No Church

From the Soup or VIllainz’ upcoming Fallout 4 themed album “Vault Registration,” their killer new single is here – “No Church!”



The last time the Villainz were in the Wasteland, they were tearing up the Capitol. Now they’re taking over the Commonwealth with Hip-Hop flows, smooth R&B singing, and modified laser rifles (Critical shots do double damage and the critical meter fills 15% faster).

“The Nine Empire Legend”

From the curated garden walls, to libraries without end, to seas of ambition, and the highest walls. We’ve come to the finale – The Nine Empire Legend. A continuous, thematic album that takes you on a trip through nine different kingdoms.

Each track is based around a different faction found in the card game “Legend of the Five Rings,” using the rich tapestry of stories for each of the groups as a basis to create songs of tribute.

The sound represents the coming of a full circle for Untested Method’s styles, from the industrial sounds of “Cryptology” to the chiptune inspired works of “8 and a Half Bit Hope.” Thanks for listening, and enjoy the noise.

Please click here to download!

“Platypus Philosophy”

Why Platypus Philosophy? Because Fatback Supreme simply can’t be classified.

Fatback’s solo album is finally out on Scrub Club Records! Those listeners who loved hearing cuts and incredible lines by the man while working with Torrentz now have a full 9 tracks by the dude. It’s time for you to learn all there is about what goes on his his beard. Er… what goes on in his brain.

Witty punchlines are definitely in the mix, but the real takeaway from this project is what ends up being an up-close-and-personal confessional. A prime example of the real mental and physical struggles that challenge Scrubs like you and I every day. Know that Fatback’s been there, is still there, and has your back. Look forward to a brighter day, no regrets.


Please click here to download!


Check out RPG-Unit’s brand new single as King Pheenix and Starby take you on a journey through Rapture with DJ RoboRob on the gramophones!



“Some Stuff”

You like free stuff, right? Of course you do, you’re on the Scrub Club Records website! Well how about Some Stuff from MC Ohm-I?

Comprised of seven singles and standalone tracks that were created across 2014 and collected in one place, you will of course find a lot of variety in these songs. However, they all fit together surprisingly well to the point where it feels like a planned album anyway. How do you do it, Ohm-I?

Nod your head to the smooth beats, the even smoother singing, and the unique, bouncy flow that only he can provide. What do you want to jam about today? Laptops? Death? Dictionaries? Oh yeah, we got you covered, then.

Please click here to download!

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