• 2 Mello - STR8UP
  • 404 Device - Fucks I Give
  • DJ RoboRob - Avada Kadavrastep (Harry Potter Tribute)
  • Kabuto the Python - The Almighty (feat. Nick Kwas)
  • The Killaz - 40 Inch Rims
  • King Pheenix - Show Off (Ken)
  • MadHatter - Battlefield Verse
  • Maros - Get Game (feat. Klopfenpop, NES-T, and MadHatter)
  • MC Ohm-I - Nerd You Up
  • MC Wreckshin - Clean Swag Shine (feat. Benjamin Bear)
  • RPG-Unit - Vault Hunters
  • Sinister Six - Rise Up
  • Soup or Villainz - Moon Theory
  • Southside - Drop
  • StarF - Arsonist
  • Torrentz - Boomtime Hustle (feat. Thunderball, Fatback Supreme, MC3P0, and MC117)
  • Untested Methods - Theme Interlude - Zelda End Credits

“Final Fantasy – The 3-6 Chambers”

2 Mello himself had this to say:

“I hope this epic conclusion to my mashup trilogy will satisfy both newcomers as well as fans who have stayed with me throughout all three of these projects. I feel that this album represents the final step in the evolution of my remixing technique, and I am eager to see if other artists will take after me in the method of not only mashing up two songs, but producing a full, new track out of the combination.

The Wu-Tang Clan are the original nerdy rappers, and Final Fantasy VI is my favorite role playing game, so there is a lot of love being poured into this project from both elements that I chose to mix. Whether you are a Wu fan, a classic RPG gamer or both, I hope you find plenty to amuse and entertain yourself with.

I love you all dearly and I thank you so much for your voracious appetite for my music and constant attention towards my new releases, no matter what they are. I hope you keep listening with me in the future.”

Please click here to download!

The Crew is Back (Wu-Tang Clan and Final Fantasy 6 Mashup)

From 2 Mello’s upcoming Wu Tang Clan and Final Fantasy VI album “Final Fantasy – The 3-6 Chambers,” his third and final mashup release – here is “The Crew is Back!”



Y’all better get ready for an incredible project as Mello is able to match perfect tracks with perfect moments of perfect games. Stay tuned for more!

“Orlando Nerdfest 2014 Mixtape”

Did you miss DJ RoboRob’s magical, unstoppable dance party at Orlando Nerd Fest? Well, never fear – You know Rob’s got the hookup for you!

In the same vein of his Nerdapalooza mixtape from last time around, this release has a great chunk of highlights from the set. You’ll hear some remixes, killer collaborations, and mashups featuring some of RoboRob’s best buddies in the game.

Even if you weren’t able to make it down to Orlando to dance your ass off until you sweat literally all of the fluids out of your body, transcending into a strange dimension filled with only colors, bass, beats, and raps… Now you can re-create the experience the best you can in the safety of your own third dimensional home.

Please click here to download!

“Game Center CX”

After a long string of instrumental releases, 2 Mello is back on the mic as lead emcee of “Game Center CX”, an EP inspired by and dedicated to the Japanese retro gaming TV program of the same name.

Backed by diverse beats that take cues from songs used by the show, catchy game themes, and soulful classics, Mello speaks of the positives of a healthy amount of gaming. Also, he describes what that is doing for him as a person with many goals to meet in his personal and professional life.

The witty comments and entertaining perseverance of Kacho (Chief) Arino, the star persona of Game Center CX, has inspired and hooked audiences worldwide to cheer him on as he beats thumb-blistering retro games with the help of his charming but shy ADs. This EP is 2 Mello’s ultimate love letter to the man who personally helped him through some hard times with his fresh approach to classic games and the unique challenge they set before players. It also features labelmate Maros and fellow mega-fan YTCracker as guests.

If you would like to know more about or see some of Game Center CX, please visit and support the hard-working group that has translated over 100 episodes of the show out of pure love for what it brings to its viewers.

Please click here to download!

“Rock Paper Genocide”

RPG-Unit’s devastating, dual-wielding debut is here!

The members of the Nerdcore supergroup behind this incredible Borderlands 2 EP is King Pheenix as Salvador the Gunzerker, Eye-Q as Axton the Commando, Starby as Maya the Siren, StarF as Zer0 the Assassin, and DJ RoboRob providing the beats that keep on pounding the sands of Pandora.

This project was definitely made by Borderlands fans for Borderlands fans, but that doesn’t mean you should count your ears out if you’re not caught up to the lore of the game – This is a killer Hip Hop album any which way your aim it with professional instrumentation, amazing wordplay, and extremely catchy hooks. Kick back and enjoy the story of four miscreants as they go Vault hunting, looking for loot and adventure.

Please click here to download!

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