• I Shoot People
  • Loot Slut
  • Claptrap's Dubstep Song He Wrote
  • Handsome Jackass (feat. MadHatter as Handsome Jack)

RPG-Unit hails from the Internet


The tale of a diverse supergroup

Few things get the blood flowing like a nerd music super group bringing together a bunch of skilled musicians to form an awesome total package.

RPG-Unit is Eye-Q, Starby, King Pheenix, StarF, and DJ RoboRob. Each masters of their own craft, they all bring something super special to the table. Eye-Q’s conscious flows, Starby’s sassyness, King Pheenix’s raw power, and StarF’s witty lyricism smother the powerful beats brought forth by the ultra-talented DJ RoboRob. Comparable examples of such fusion would be stuff like the Justice League, Voltron, and bacon. You know, bacon goes on just about anything.

After the success of their first single, “Vault Hunters,” RPG-Unit was immediately picked up by Scrub Club Records. Their first album “Rock Paper Genocide” released on July 29th and was spotlighted by Kotaku, several other major nerd news sites, and even Gearbox Software’s own badass President Randy Pitchford due to the project’s Borderlands 2 theme.

As they release new tracks, their potential shows no limits. Future releases will include “Instant Que”, paying homage to video gaming, table tops, comic books, and more. Hip Hop vibes, genre breaking beats, and geeks to the core, RPG-Unit has a little something for everyone to enjoy.



Hover over any of the icons below to discover the achievement:

Armor and Equipment: Level 1 (25xp)

Speedster's Boots - A release that has a focus on quick vocal delivery (+5) Costumed Capers - A release that has a focus on heroes or villains (+5) Cloak of Many Faces - A release that features an artist using an alias or assuming a fictional role (+15)

Weapons Proficiency: Level 2 (155xp)

Training Sword - Released 1 music album (+100) Nightmare Sword of Chaos - A release that has an evil, destructive focus (+5) Arc Sword that Totally Isn't a Lightsaber - A release that has a focus on science fiction (+15) The Flaming Sword of Hades - A release that has a focus on fantasy (+15) Madcraft Iron Pick - MadHatter's personal favorite album by this artist (+15)
Battle Axe of Premature Chopping - A release that has under 6 tracks (+5)

Mystic Items: Level 1 (80xp)

Stopwatch of Quickening - A release that clocks in under 20 minutes (+10) Dice Bag of Holding  - A release that has a focus on role playing games (+15) Key to the Mind - A release that contains some of the artist's most known songs (+15) Controller of Button Mashing - A release that has a focus on video games (+15) Exquisite Cheese - A release that features one or more skits (+15)
Fresh Fish Out of Water - The very first Scrub Club Records release by this artist (+10)

Treasure: 0 Gold


All of the music we release is free. If you enjoy what we do and would like to support our label, please make any size of donation to help all of our artists get new merch and promo items, book bigger shows, and get better equipment. Much love to you all!

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Booking information

To book RPG-Unit, email them directly.

Currently available for:
  • Live music
  • Convention Panels
  • Keynotes / public speaking
  • Gallery showings
  • Live artwork
  • In-stores / appearances
  • Gaming / tournaments
  • Hosting / announcing
  • Modeling
  • House parties / special occasions
  • Podcasts / audio and video interviews
  • Email / chat interviews

Performance / appearance fee: Travel and lodging (if applicable).

Local airport code: MSP, ORF, TPA, and MCO (depending on member).

Type of live performance: Highly energetic music with bits of crowd participation.

Length of set: 20 – 45 minutes.

Number of people on stage: 5.

Equipment we bring: Traktor S2, 2 line cables, and an RCA cable.

Venue needs to provide: Four or five quality vocal microphones with reasonable lengths of cord, a large DJ table, and a proper PA system tuned for Hip Hop / Electronic music.

Preferred, but not required: Wireless microphones.

Typical stage setup: Table in the back for the DJ, four microphones up front without stands.

Merch space needed: 3 feet x 4 feet flat.

Available for international booking: No.

Please note: Scrub Club Records artists are professional and as such, they do not personally sell tickets for events in exchange for stage time, they do not “pay to play,” and they do not agree to a required minimum headcount before a performance. Please refrain from sending a request that matches any of these these questionable booking practices.


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