• I Can Teach You Magic
  • Moon Theory
  • New Babylon (feat. Rayah Bell)
  • Live in the Arcade
  • World on Fire (feat. Boom)
  • Not Your Ordinary
  • Game to Play
  • Gamertag (feat. Danyeal McIntosh)
  • Keyz
  • D.K.

Soup or Villainz hail from both WA and IN


The tale of two Wasteland survivors

Formed in 2009, the Soup or Villainz based their operations out of South Bend, Indiana. This group of high class villains consists of Remi-son and Viet Vu with a slew of henchmen and henchwomen and have recently built a second base in Seattle, Washington. These Soup or Villainz are out for world domination… Not for power, but because it’s just something to do. Along with their hypnotizing beats and lyrical mysticism, they use their strong intellects to turn the youth into mindless zombies one song at a time.


Download their press kit

Click here or the image below to download a package filled with high resolution photos, album covers, information, flyers, and five of their best tracks for usage on sites, blogs, print media, radio, on the street, etc. Don’t forget to link back to this page!

Download the Soup or Villainz Press Kit


Music videos and promos

For more Villainz videos, check out their YouTube Channel here.


Hover over any of the icons below to learn more about the achievement:

Armor and Equipment: Level 3 (250xp)

Silver Gauntlet of Interest - Has released an album that has reached 1,000+ downloads (+10) Reinforced Shield - Has been on the Scrub Club Records roster for 2 years (+20) Wooden Shield - Has been on the Scrub Club Records roster for 1 year (+10) Steel Suit of Armor - Has performed their music live 40 times (+40) Hardened Steel Plating - Has performed their music live 35 times (+35)
Iron Suit of Armor - Has performed their music live 30 times (+30) Reinforced Iron Chainmail - Has performed their music live 25 times (+25) Armored Chest Plate - Has performed their music live 20 times (+20) Steel Chainmail - Has performed their music live 15 times (+15) Bronze Chainmail - Has performed their music live 10 times (+10)
Officer's Jacket - Has performed their music live 5 times (+5) Speedster's Boots - A release that has a focus on quick vocal delivery (+5) Costumed Capers - A release that has a focus on heroes or villains (+5) Sir Dimwit's Holiday Hat - A release that features songs about a specific holiday (+20)

Weapons Proficiency: Level 12 (1,145xp)

Sword of the Eleven Eyes - Released 11 music albums (+100) Katana of the Ten Souls - Released 10 music albums (+100) Sword of the Nine Lives - Released 9 music albums (+100) Sword of the Eight Wonders - Released 8 music albums (+100) Sword of the Seven Deadly Sins - Released 7 music albums (+100)
Sword of the Sixth Sense - Released 6 music albums (+100) Sword of the Fifth Element - Released 5 music albums (+100) Sword of the Four Seasons - Released 4 music albums (+100) Sword of the Trinity - Released 3 music albums (+100) Sword of Duality - Released 2 music albums (+100)
Training Sword - Released 1 music album (+100) Nightmare Sword of Chaos - A release that has an evil, destructive focus (+5) Battle Axe of Premature Chopping - A release that has under 6 tracks (+5) Madcraft Iron Pick - MadHatter's personal favorite album by this artist (+15) Battery-Powered Trick Wand - A release that has a focus on magic (+5)
Arc Sword that Totally Isn't a Lightsaber - A release that has a focus on science fiction (+15)

Mystic Items: Level 3 (205xp)

Retro Game Pak - A release that has a focus on classic gaming (+5) Key to the Mind - A release that contains some of the artist's most known songs (+15) Controller of Button Mashing - A release that has a focus on video games (+15) Stopwatch of Quickening - A release that clocks in under 20 minutes (+10) Hourglass of Eternity - A release that has a focus on time travel (+5)
Potion of Explodey Goodness  - A release that has a focus on science (+15) Occult Sigul of Revelation - A release that has a focus on the supernatural (+15) Transmutation Potion  - A release that has a focus on mad science (+5) Mr. Clean's Immaculate Broom - A release that features completely radio-friendly vocals (+20) Exquisite Cheese - A release that features one or more skits (+15)
Blue Candle of Enlightenment - A release that has a focus on deep lyrical meaning (+15) The Book of Law - A release that has a focus on politics (+15) Ye Olde Guide to Fornication - A release that has a focus on sex (+15) Jovial Junk Food - A release that has a focus on comedy (+15) Dice Bag of Holding  - A release that has a focus on role playing games (+15)
Fresh Fish Out of Water - The very first Scrub Club Records release by this artist (+10)

Treasure: 65 Gold

Silver Ring of Interest - A release that has reached 1,000+ downloads (+10) Silver Ring of Interest - A release that has reached 1,000+ downloads (+10) Silver Ring of Interest - A release that has reached 1,000+ downloads (+10) Silver Ring of Interest - A release that has reached 1,000+ downloads (+10) Golden Band of Unity - Has been featured on a compilation or collaboration release (+25)

Download all of their albums for free here:

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Booking information

To book Soup or Villainz, email MadHatter or text / call 785.203.6231.

Currently available for:

  • Live music
  • Convention Panels
  • Keynotes / public speaking
  • Spoken word / poetry readings
  • Gallery showings
  • Live artwork
  • In-stores / appearances
  • Gaming / tournaments
  • Hosting / announcing
  • Modeling
  • House parties / special occasions
  • Battles / freestyle events
  • Podcasts / audio and video interviews
  • Email / chat interviews

Performance / appearance fee: Travel and lodging (if applicable) plus negotiable percentage of door / bar.

Type of live performance: Very energetic music with tons of crowd participation.

Length of set: 25 – 35 minutes.

Number of people on stage: 2.

Equipment we bring: A laptop and giveaway items.

Venue needs to provide: Two quality vocal microphones with reasonable lengths of cord, 3.5mm aux cable for laptop / mp3 player, monitor speakers, a basic “DJ” type table, and a proper PA system tuned for Hip Hop music.

Preferred, but not required: Wireless microphones and sound responsive stage lighting.

Typical stage setup: Mic stands are to the sides of the stage. Monitor speakers are placed equally across front center stage. The table is set up near the rear of the stage.

Merch space needed: 2 feet x 4 feet flat.

Additional bonuses that are not required, but are humbly accepted: A hotel room (if applicable), bar tab, and meal(s).

Available for international booking: Not at this time.

Please note: Scrub Club Records artists are professional and as such, they do not personally sell tickets for events in exchange for stage time, they do not “pay to play,” and they do not agree to a required minimum headcount before a performance. Please refrain from sending a request that matches any of these these questionable booking practices.


Group Members


All of the music we release is free. If you enjoy what we do and would like to support our label, please make any size of donation to help all of our artists get new merch and promo items, book bigger shows, and get better equipment. Much love to you all!

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