2 Mello

2 Mello’s artistic goal is to relate his obsessions with music and geek culture to his damaged connection with the real world and all of its beauties and perils.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore · R&B

DJ RoboRob

DJ RoboRob brings an amazing energy that incites a collaborative atmosphere during his performances. It makes the party bigger, happier, and more inclusive.

Dubstep · Electronic

Kabuto the Python

There has been much speculation as to his true form. Kabuto the Python seems to exist as some kind of holy trinity - a rapper, a snake, and an alien beast.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore

The Killaz

One of the pioneering groups of Nerdcore, The Killaz describe their music as "Laser Gun Rap" due to minimalist electronic beats and Sci-Fi subject matter.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore

King Pheenix

After an introduction to the Nerdcore community, the mission of King Pheenix has strengthened and evolved into making real Hip Hop with a nerdy twinge.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore


Scrub Club is the dream of MadHatter, and now with all that he has accomplished, he drives forward to enjoy the rest of the ride. It's all plus, baby!

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore


Be it in front of a microphone, in a wrestling ring, or in comic form, Maros always aims to please and he strives daily to improve in all things that he does.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore

MC Ohm-I

MC Ohm-I has rapped about subjects such as bologna-sized nipples, laptops, and crack rocks. Where will his mind take him next? Well... That's hard to say.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore

MC Wreckshin

After a string of hits, MC Wreckshin shot almost all the way to the top, and still holds the world record for most "Number 2 Spots" held by a single artist.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore


RPG-Unit is Eye-Q, Starby, King Pheenix, StarF, and DJ RoboRob. Each masters of their own craft, they all bring something super special to the table.

Electronic · Hip-Hop · Nerdcore

Sinister Six

Sinister Six - Nerdcore's leaders and a few new challengers combine to make the underground science fiction Hip Hop album of the year (were there any others?).

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore

Soup or Villainz

Along with their hypnotizing beats and lyrical mysticism, the Soup or Villainz use their strong intellect to turn all youth into mindless zombies one song at a time.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore


Fusing Hip Hop roots with Punk ethos and the sounds of Indie Rock, Southside formed as a side project of several bands uniting to record haphazard rap songs between their tours.

Hip-Hop · Rock


Raised by internet culture and obsessed with music of all kinds, StarF blends a mixture of lyrical poetry and edgy humor into everything he produces.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore


Each member of Torrentz uses their abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, beatsmith, emcee, producer, and singer to showcase an ever expanding arsenal of collaborators.

Hip-Hop · Nerdcore

Untested Methods

Born and raised in New Orleans, Untested Methods is a musical project that combines a devotion for all things geeky and nerdy with electronic music.

Electronic · Nerdcore · Rock


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