8Bit Bullshit



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“8Bit Bullshit” by MadHatter


Meet the Artist

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8Bit Bullshit is 11 tracks full of nonstop Nintendo memories to bob your head to. Following up on the underground success of Hatter’s Zelda song “Ganon Slayer,” this album takes a journey to the world of eight bit super heroes of the past, with each song describing the game from the main character’s view.

Most of the classics have been covered here, and certain punchlines and metaphors will have oldschool cats laughing out loud. Featuring the actual in-game NES music ripped out, remixed, and given fresh new beats, the instrumentals alone will have you grinning. A release that definitely put Scrub Club on the Nerdcore charts, this album is packed with so much 80s time-warp freshness that Stephen Hawking’s head exploded.

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  1. 1Ultimate Warp Zone
  2. 2The Game Master
  3. 3Smoke Screen
  4. 4Unstoppable (feat. Shelshocker)
  5. 5Ganon Slayer
  6. 6Bullets and Buckshot
  7. 7Operation N313
  8. 8Overheat
  9. 9TKO
  10. 10Pipe Dreams
  11. 11AFS


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