A Future of Fewer Words



Speedster's Boots - A release that has a focus on quick vocal delivery (+5) Ye Olde Guide to Fornication - A release that has a focus on sex (+15) The Book of Law - A release that has a focus on politics (+15)

Achievement Score: 35


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“A Future of Fewer Words” by Soup or Villainz

“A Future of Fewer Words” is a Hip Hop lover’s fever dream, and it doesn’t just solidify that the Villainz are truly in love with the genre – it also shows that they are masters of it. You’ve never heard a rap duo take on so many musical styles and cadences all in one place. Their constant state of evolution is obvious as they weave in and out of any beat, regardless of the instrumentation. There’s dabbling in Oldschool Hip Hop, Downtempo, Midwest style, Funk, and Electronic elements, and it makes for a deep listening experience that never tires.

You can expect the trademark Soup or Villainz wit and killer punchlines as they tackle the most basic subjects with a point of view that any Scrub can relate to – relationships, politics, social stigmas, religion, and sex.

If you are an underdog, if you slave away at work each day just to survive, if you see technology choking out the mentals of humanity all around you, if you long for the touch of someone that can understand your needs… you’re going to be nodding along to this one.

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  1. 2Feel Good
  2. 3For Whoever Said
  3. 4No Love
  4. 5No Church Villainz (feat. Riah and Cad Shyguy)
  5. 6Last Week
  6. 7Swing It
  7. 8Society Made Me (feat. Cam Walker)
  8. 9SFTW (feat. Sam R.)
  9. 10So Much
  10. 11Remi and Awk (feat. Dr. Awkward and Cam Walker)
  11. 12Won't Put It (feat. Cam Walker)
  12. 13The World


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