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“Altercation Compilation” by Various Artists

Your wigs were already blown back when MadHatter and Will from the Scrub Budz battled it out over 100 fighting games in celebration of their 100th Let’s Play episode. The ALTERCATION EQUATION! Well, actually it was 97 games because we fucked up somewhere! It’s… it’s what we do.

Anyway, it was a fantastic, neck and neck tournament of fighting games both popular and obscure, and you should totally watch it now if you haven’t already:

To go with this sweaty love letter to the fighting game genre, the Scrub Club Collective proudly presents the Altercation Compilation – a free album featuring 44 radical fighting-themed songs! Yes, 44 which, by the way, is the exact number of all the different iterations of Street Fighter games! Well, if you count Tekken X Street Fighter, which is unreleased as of this recording. Whatever! We’re being technical here.

Download a collection of tracks from amazing talent including Mega Ran, Richie Branson, MegaDriver, DJ RoboRob, Soup or Villainz, King Pheenix, Mitch Murder, The Adventures of Duane & BrandO, Dan Bull, and more!

Seriously, click the download link below for totally free songs about punching and kicking faces! Arrrrgh! If you dig the artists, make sure to visit their respective parts of the interwebs and give them some love. You can find a link to every single one of ’em at the bottom of this page.

Click here to Download this entire album for FREE!


Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Max 330 Mega Pro-Gear Spec (SNK Neo Geo Bios)
  2. 2Earthquake Destruction (Samurai Shodown: Earthquake Theme)
  3. 3The World Warrior (Street Fighter II: Main Theme)
  4. 4Flying Through the Air (Street Fighter II: Ryu Theme)
  5. 5Shou Ken (Street Fighter II: Ken Theme)
  6. 6Sonic Boom (Street Fighter II: Guile Theme)
  7. 7Tr00ibe (Street Fighter II: Blanka Theme)
  8. 8Claws of Vanity (Street Fighter II: Vega Theme)
  9. 9Eternal Champions (Main Theme)
  10. 10Kode of Honor (Mortal Kombat Medley)
  11. 11Fight Under the Sun (Super Street Fighter II)
  12. 12The Rage of the Red Fighter (Street Fighter II)
  13. 13Guile
  14. 14Heartbeat (Ryu)
  15. 15Show Off (Ken)
  16. 16Goes Around (Chun-Li)
  17. 17Family Man (Guile)
  18. 18Slam Dance (Zangief)
  19. 19Coming Home (Dhalsim)
  20. 20Animalistic (Blanka)
  21. 21Hundred Hand Smackdown (E. Honda)
  22. 22Fighter
  23. 23Finish Him
  24. 24Chun Li (feat. Martale)
  25. 25Combo Feind
  26. 26Moment 37
  27. 27Furinkazan
  28. 28Fight
  29. 29Live in the Arcade
  30. 30K.I. (feat. Danger Aaron)
  31. 31Chun-Li
  32. 32Rampage
  33. 33It's a Street Fight
  34. 34Power Up
  35. 35Super Smash Bros. Rap Battle
  36. 36Guile
  37. 37Technical Disorder (Mortal Kombat X)
  38. 38Street Fighter II (A Daughter's Revenge)
  39. 39Huzzah! My Fight Money! (Cave Story Style)
  40. 40Street Fighter V[VVVVV] (Positive Force Remix)
  41. 41Satsui no Koto
  42. 42Theme
  43. 43Ken Mission
  44. 44K0mbat


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Featured artists on this release

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