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“BITW” by King Pheenix


Meet the Artist

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BITW = Best In The World! KPX is back! His last release (Hero vs. Villain) was a full-on concept album. This time around, he’s here to show you that he’s a straight-up Hip Hop storyteller first and foremost.

In doing so, this release has no center line, no theme. Instead, it’s packed with a various amount of subjects and featured verses to show off his versatility in original material as well as the way he Hulk-smashes collaborations. Different emotions fly from this one, too – Cocky one track, thoughtful the next, a party vibe here, a call to amped-up action there. Instead of a story unfolding across the length of the album, this release gives you a track to play in any given situation to fit your mood.

For the proud nerds out there, don’t worry. There’s treats for Firefly and Green Lantern addicts. Well… Black Lanterns, at least. RIIIIIIIISE!

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  1. 1Mission Statement
  2. 2Mr. Scorpion
  3. 3Waiting for Tomorrow (feat. Random)
  4. 4Open Sky (feat. HDninja)
  5. 5Dream (Awake)
  6. 6Bottle It (feat. Dale Chase)
  7. 7B.I.T.W. (feat. MadHatter)
  8. 8Fighter
  9. 9The Death of Phee
  10. 10When We Rise


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