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Release Info

“Balrog’s Boombox” by King Pheenix

The rush of adrenaline. The lack of breath. The thrill of the fight… What drives you? King Pheenix and Untested Methods are here to share a journey with you through the much-loved and respected world of Street Fighter. Pheenix attacks with his sharp-witted vocals and Methods smashes up the original themes with his own Super Combos.

Balrog’s Boombox is an amazing re-imagining of the original 8 Street Fighter II world warriors with a twist – Each song is a personal, heartfelt track based on a personality trait of each character rather than their original game story. Insert a coin directly into your heart and become an animal with Blanka. Feel Ryu’s heartbeat. Show off with Ken. Give the world a hundred hand smackdown with E. Honda… and so much more.

Come along on this double KO ride with Pheenix and Methods. There will be battles, dialogue, and bonus rounds. It’s definitely the most fun you will have listening to a Hip Hop album this year… and beyond. Perhaps even ForeV1er. “Perfect!”

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  1. 1Family Man (Guile)
  2. 2Show Off (Ken)
  3. 3Slam Dance (Zangief)
  4. 4Hundred Hand Smackdown (E. Honda)
  5. 5Goes Around (Chun-Li)
  6. 6Animalistic (Blanka)
  7. 7Heartbeat (Ryu)
  8. 8Coming Home (Dhalsim)


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