Chrono Jigga



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“Chrono Jigga” by 2 Mello


Meet the Artist

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Chrono Jigga is finally here! Hot off the success of love from sites like Kotaku and Soundcloud listeners (nearly 50,000 plays in a few days!), Mello’s complete mashup masterpiece is ready for you to explore.

Chrono Trigger – a favorite RPG for a staggering amount of gamers across all generations, has somehow been blended perfectly with the raps of Jay-Z – a favorite rapper for a staggering amount of Hip Hop listeners. 2 Mello has taken the iconic game music by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu and laid sick, sick beats on top to arrange the unexpected.

Download this album and prepare for an epic that spans from 65,000,000 BC to the literal end of time and back. And when you see Lavos, go ahead and brush your shoulders off (Frogs is pimps, too!).

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  1. 1Intro
  2. 2Public Chrono Announcement
  3. 3An Encore in Time
  4. 4Ignorant Scene
  5. 5What More Can I Sing
  6. 6Masamune Problems
  7. 7Say Hello to the Black Omen
  8. 8Dirt in the Palace
  9. 9Wind Cry
  10. 10Marle, Lucca, Schala
  11. 11Gato's in Love
  12. 12Outro


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