Disco System



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“Disco System” by Soup or Villainz


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Disco System! What? Were you not paying attention to the bonus track on “Villainz for Hire?” These cats love disco, okay? How much? Well…

Enough to make an entire release of disco music, that’s how much! Hear a mix of catchy, traditional Disco sounds blended with an undertone of Electronic and a bit of Hip Hop and 80’s Funk blended in. Shifting gears, the Villainz are here to show you they don’t just master their game, they master all games they can get their hands on. Go ahead and grab it for a different, groovy experience.

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  1. 1Disco Era (feat. Shy Guy)
  2. 2Moving to the Beat (feat. The Avengers - Kamika and Rev. T)
  3. 3No Sleep
  4. 4In the Mood (performed by Kamika of The Avengers)
  5. 5Go
  6. 6That Spot (feat. The Avengers - Kamika and Rev. T)
  7. 7What You Want


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