Final Fantasy - The 3-6 Chambers



Retro Game Pak - A release that has a focus on classic gaming (+5) Speedster's Boots - A release that has a focus on quick vocal delivery (+5) Dice Bag of Holding  - A release that has a focus on role playing games (+15) Jonn Ra's Crossbow - A release that crosses two very different genres together (+20) Controller of Button Mashing - A release that has a focus on video games (+15) Blue Candle of Enlightenment - A release that has a focus on deep lyrical meaning (+15)

Achievement Score: 75


Release Info

“Final Fantasy – The 3-6 Chambers” by 2 Mello

2 Mello himself had this to say:

“I hope this epic conclusion to my mashup trilogy will satisfy both newcomers as well as fans who have stayed with me throughout all three of these projects. I feel that this album represents the final step in the evolution of my remixing technique, and I am eager to see if other artists will take after me in the method of not only mashing up two songs, but producing a full, new track out of the combination.

The Wu-Tang Clan are the original nerdy rappers, and Final Fantasy VI is my favorite role playing game, so there is a lot of love being poured into this project from both elements that I chose to mix. Whether you are a Wu fan, a classic RPG gamer or both, I hope you find plenty to amuse and entertain yourself with.

I love you all dearly and I thank you so much for your voracious appetite for my music and constant attention towards my new releases, no matter what they are. I hope you keep listening with me in the future.”

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  1. 1Those In Power
  2. 2Magic Ruins Everything Around Me
  3. 3Got Your Treasure
  4. 4Figaro Kids
  5. 5Shimmy Shimmy Strago
  6. 6Beasts Under the Surface
  7. 7R.E.C. the Opera
  8. 8Rebel Daggers
  9. 9Da Mystery of Shadow-Boxin
  10. 10Escape
  11. 11The Returners
  12. 12Battle Pit
  13. 13Epitaph for the World
  14. 14The Crew Is Back


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