Ill Ron Hubbard



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“Ill Ron Hubbard” by Kabuto the Python


Meet the Artists

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Ill Ron Hubbard represents the salvaged debris that was left after Kabuto’s first attempt at an album was devastated by not one, but TWO catastrophic hard drive failures. What was recovered in the aftermath is a volley of fresh verses, catchy cuts, surprising samples, a few great guest verses, and more of that poisonous Python flavor you’ve been craving.

Kabuto has improved his rap game considerably since the Parseltongue mixtape, and this offering tackles subjects including his personal history, Star Wars, and politics… all with his signature annoying and acerbic style.

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  1. 1Be Prepared
  2. 2Origin Story
  3. 3Rap Loogies (feat. Fatty Goodness)
  4. 4Reference Desk
  5. 5MF MOOB (skit)
  6. 6Swaggerjacking
  7. 7Reggaeton Song
  8. 8Blue Harvest (feat. Billy the Fridge)
  9. 9American Song
  10. 10What It Do
  11. 11Ill Ron Hubbard


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