In the Streets



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“In the Streets” by Soup or Villainz


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In the streets, people take life too seriously… Life is all about having fun and laughing about it. This is the Soup or Villainz motto.

This hilarious comedy EP from Scrub Club’s newest members from South Bend, Indiana shows a very different side of the Villainz. After all… why should they take their music seriously all the time when it’s even harder to take mainstream music seriously? Covering important issues such as leaving the toilet seat up or losing your keys, this album is going to make you think twice (or hopefully many more times) about the fun side of the Soup or Villainz.

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  1. 1Stupid Punchlines
  2. 2Pineapple Jones (feat. Shy Guy)
  3. 3Pet Peeves
  4. 4Keyz
  5. 5Why She Buggin'
  6. 6In the Streets


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