Invasion of the Mic Snatchers



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“Invasion of the Mic Snatchers” by Sinister Six


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An epic album an entire year in the making, the Invasion of the Mic Snatchers takes the listener on a journey through Earth’s final hours!

The unbelievable team behind the flows? MadHatter, YTCracker, Benjamin Bear, ZeaLouS1, Chester, and MC_Loki. Nerdcore’s leaders and a few new challengers combine to make the underground science fiction Hip Hop album of the year. (Are there any others?) Featuring devastating staple tracks such as “Make Way” and “Roll The Dice,” this disc is the release that all your homies have been talking about.

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  1. 1Invasion
  2. 2Herald (feat. The Ranger)
  3. 3Make Way
  4. 4Break Down
  5. 51989
  6. 6Deeper
  7. 7Roll the Dice
  8. 8Cleverfield
  9. 9HQ
  10. 10Scientistik
  11. 11Outer Heaven
  12. 12On the Hunt
  13. 13This Just In
  14. 14Rise Up
  15. 15Tear It Up (feat. TYT)
  16. 16Escape
  17. 17Conflict
  18. 18Pledge of Allegience
  19. 19Damaged Goods


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