Keep Your Ears Warm



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“Keep Your Ears Warm” by 2 Mello


Meet the Artist

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Keep Your Ears Warm is an interesting addition to our catalogue. For starters, all of the content on it was made before everything else you’ve heard released by Mello so far. As a Christmas 2012 present, he decided to let the listeners finally have it.

It’s experimental in nature, with Mello trying out a few new styles… but he completely nails them.

What you’ll get is a four track EP full of extremely soulful Hip Hop music. Fresh flows mixed with hot choruses are complimented with just a touch of humor – You can tell Mello was having fun making this and didn’t take it too seriously. You’ll be grinning at the references and punchlines while you’re bobbing your head.

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  1. 1The Life
  2. 2Maker
  3. 3Bad Boy
  4. 4Gone


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