Merry Bitsmix



Retro Game Pak - A release that has a focus on classic gaming (+5) Mr. Clean's Immaculate Broom - A release that features completely radio-friendly vocals (+20) Controller of Button Mashing - A release that has a focus on video games (+15) The Neverending Story - A release that has over 20 tracks (+20) Pocketwatch of Sluggishness - A release that clocks in over 60 minutes (+10) Sir Dimwit's Holiday Hat - A release that features songs about a specific holiday (+20)

Achievement Score: 90


Release Info

“Merry Bitsmix” presented by Earworm Arcade

A tasty, minty holiday release brought to you by MadHatter of the Earworm Arcade podcast.

It’s always been a tradition for Hatter, a hapless nerd, to play chiptune covers of Christmas music and tracks from old videogames that are attached to the holiday season.

Since Earworm Arcade will be launching early next year, he wanted to kick things off by sharing a bit of his collection with you – Christmas holiday-ish songs from classic games that you may or may not have heard before.

We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to add these tracks to your personal collection and spread this album far and wide to get the spirit of Bitsmix goin’ all over the world. 🙂

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Ambush in Gotham Plaza
  2. 2Christmas Wonderland
  3. 3Krampus
  4. 4Christmas in Nightopia
  5. 5Gillwing's Christmas Theme
  6. 6Joy to the World
  7. 7Ode to Christmas Joy
  8. 8Fort Frosty
  9. 9Christmas Themes
  10. 10Snowman Girl Motion
  11. 11Snowman Girl
  12. 12A Bad Character
  13. 13Anti-Claus Comes Tonight!
  14. 14Christmas Eve Flight
  15. 15Fallen Santa
  16. 16Holiday Destroyers
  17. 17Merry Christmas
  18. 18Santa's Workshop
  19. 19In a Snow-Bound Land
  20. 20In Winters, There is a Genius
  21. 21Winters Wake Up Call
  22. 22Winters White
  23. 23Forest Green
  24. 24Good King Wenceslas
  25. 25Jingle Bells
  26. 26Harry and Marv
  27. 27The Electronics Wing
  28. 28Waltz of the Flowers
  29. 29Xmas 1
  30. 30Xmas 2
  31. 31Xmas 2
  32. 32Round 3 Clear (Jingle Bells)
  33. 33God Rest Ye, Deadly Gentlemen
  34. 34BGM 1
  35. 35BGM 2
  36. 36BGM 3
  37. 37Title
  38. 38Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  39. 39Winterland
  40. 40Snow Mountain
  41. 41Music 1
  42. 42The Birth of Jesus


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Original composition credits

Batman Returns (SNES Version)
Developed and published by: Konami (1993)
Composed By: Jun Funahashi, Harumi Uekō and Kazuhiko Uehara

Developed and published by: Midway Games (1998)
Composed by: Kevin Quinn and Jason Blochowiak

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams
Developed and published by: Sega (1996)
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki, and Fumie Kumatani

Clayfighter (SNES Version)
Developed and published by: Interplay Productions (1993)
Composed by: Mitchell Stein and Brian Luzietti

Crusader: No Regret
Developed and published by: Origin Systems and Electronic Arts (1996)
Composed by: Dan Gardopée, Todd Parsons, and Andrew Sega

Dancing Eyes
Developed and published by: Namco (1996)
Composed by: Minamo Takahashi

Daze Before Christmas (Both Versions)
Developed and published by: Funcom and Sunsoft (1994)
Composed by: Kim M. Jensen and Geir Tjelta

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
Developed and published by: Rare and Nintendo (1995)
Composed by: David Wise

Developed and published by: Ape, HAL Laboratory, and Nintendo (1994)
Composed by: Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka

Holiday Lemmings (MS-DOS Version)
Developed and published by: DMA Design and Psygnosis (1991)
Composed by: Tim Wright and Brian Johnston

Home Alone (SNES Version)
Developed and published by: Imagineering Inc., Toy Headquarters, and Altron (1991)
Composed by: Mark Van Hecke

Jazz Jackrabbit
Developed and published by: Epic MegaGames (1994)
Composed by: Robert A. Allen and Joshua Jensen

Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Developed and published by: Orange Games, Epic MegaGames, and Gathering of Developers (1998)
Composed by: Alexander Brandon

Mappy-Land (NES Version)
Developed and published by: TOSE and Taxan (1989)
Composed by: Nobuyuki Ohnogi

Rise of the Triad – Dark War (MS-DOS Version)
Developed and published by: Apogee Software (1994)
Composed by: Robert Prince and Lee Jackson

Santa’s Xmas Caper (Amiga Version)
Developed and published by: Zeppelin Games Limited (1993)
Composed by: Mark Wilson

Sound Blaster Pro JukeBox
Developed and published by: Creative Labs, Inc. (1991)
Composed by: Sim Wong Hoo and J Tan

Super Bomberman 3
Developed and published by: Hudson Soft (1995)
Composed by: Jun Chikuma and Keita Hoshi

Super Mario 64
Developed and published by: Nintendo EAD and Nintendo (1996)
Composed by: Koji Kondo

Tetris (NES Version)
Developed and published by: Bullet-Proof Software and Nintendo (1989)
Composed by: Hirokazu Tanaka

Time Twist – At the Turning Point of History
Developed and published by: Nintendo EAD, Pax Softnica, and Nintendo (1991)
Composed by: Hajime Hirasawa

Legal-ish notice and final notes

Earworm Arcade is MadHatter’s passion project dedicated to preserving our videogame music history.

Much like’s excellent working collection of DOS and arcade games, this is not meant to promote piracy of all things or to try and make money off of other people’s work – it’s simply to archive and listen to common and rare audio from our favorite games of the past, sharing and enjoying it well into the future.

In other words, folks, please don’t sue us or send takedown strike forces down on our content. If you can prove that your are one of these developers, publishers, or musicians that worked on these games and you would like your music removed, please contact us and we will take them out of this release quickly and without question out of respect. However, please do consider letting them continue to exist to preserve your work for our next generations.

The entire project as a whole has taken years of collecting, researching, tagging (sometimes retagging), and sorting to come up with a truly epic collection. Some of the tracks you will find on Earworm Arcade were ripped by Hatter, others were found uncredited from services like Napster and Limewire wayyyy back in the day, and others were added from esteemed rippers in the community. However, no credits have been given to who originated the rip because it would be impossible for him to go back and remember every source he’s used over the years. Instead, he would like to give a shout-out to three entities in particular, because a good chunk of his recent finds are from them: Ruiner9 (from PixelTunes Radio), nx666 (from the AudioPanicRoom Podcast), and the staff at khinsider. They deserve all of your love.

As we said, these mp3s are obviously not for sale or behind a paywall of any sort. However, If you would like to contribute anything to the overall mission of the Scrub Club Collective and to make sure we can pay our server storage fees, buy rad equipment for our Let’s Play series (Scrub Budz!), and keep creating awesome IRL events, feel free to click the PayPal button above.

Much love to all of you. We must keep our gaming legacies alive! It’s our quest.