MW3 Mixtape



Stopwatch of Quickening - A release that clocks in under 20 minutes (+10) Controller of Button Mashing - A release that has a focus on video games (+15) Exquisite Cheese - A release that features one or more skits (+15)

Achievement Score: 40


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“MW3 Mixtape” by Soup or Villainz


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MW3 Mixtape, reporting for Duty! Soup or Villainz brings another themed mixtape to the table, this time combining the forces of Hip Hop with the arsenal of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

It may be a short release, but it was designed this way on purpose so that you could listen to the entire EP while playing a round of Kill Confirmed, Free-For-All, or a 10 minute Team Deathmatch! They know you won’t be taking a long enough break from playing to go and listen to this shit on the computer! Now you can feel free to plug it in while you play a few matches instead, haha.

You get exactly what you expect in this release – the equal parts swagger and goofiness that is paramount to any Soup or Villainz experience.

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Whatcha Doin'
  2. 2Killcam Killa
  3. 3Intermission
  4. 4Double Cross
  5. 5The Beat Down
  6. 6Intermission 2
  7. 7Everything You Need (feat. Shy Guy)


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Featured artist on this release

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