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Release Info

“N7 EP” by Kabuto the Python and B.C. (Beat Czar) Kasparov


Meet the Artists

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When Kabuto teamed up with the Beat Czar (B.C.) Kasparov, they created the top Mass Effect-themed song worldwide, and it was well received in all corners of The Citadel.

Kabuto, using his obviously large knowledge about space adventures, and B.C., utilizing his astounding turntable biotic, have now created an entire collection of Mass Effect jams. Kasparov sets up beats that pound like the bass in the Afterlife Club, and he and Kabuto rip them apart with their dope verses.

This N7 EP download also includes several instrumentals and acapellas for all you remixers out there!

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1N7 Intro
  2. 2Do the Flux
  3. 3Those Minerals
  4. 4Drippin' (feat. Annakie)
  5. 5Live on KOMG Radio (Skit)
  6. 6Tali
  7. 7Saren Riddim
  8. 8Terminus Blues
  9. 9Cerberus Credits
  10. 10Pitch Shift Swag
  11. 11The Good Stuff
  12. 12Do the Flux (Jerk Mix)
  13. 13Tali (Em Version)
  14. 14Reconstruct Profile (Bonus Beat)


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Did you enjoy the content by the other musician on this album? Check her out and show her some love at the following link: Annakie.