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Release Info

“Nastlevania” by 2 Mello

“Nas is a Belmont by blood. He has been summoned in the modern day to defeat Dracula, who has decided he wants to emcee and is using the souls of the most mindless rap consumers to feed his return to power. Nas must defeat this king of mediocrity and bring back good Hip Hop music to those who have lost their souls to evil. Along the way, Nas will face his old enemy, Millennial Jay-Z. Jay has come from the past (when they had their beef) in the Epoch of Chrono Trigger (I’m sure you remember that) to battle Nas along with Dracula. Ride along to the beat and cheer for Nas as he battles the Dark Lord and brings light and fresh tracks back to the world!

With reintroducing Chrono Jigga’s Jay-Z into the mix, I am becoming aware that I am doing something very odd here… It seems that I’m slowly working my favorite rap artists into some fantasy in which all my favorite game universes are connected! Stay tuned to see how this trilogy ends…

As always, thanks to every one of you.” – 2 Mello, the Super Producer

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  1. 1Intro
  2. 2Made You Wicked
  3. 3One Night
  4. 4Owe Me Drac
  5. 5Corridor of Rhymes
  6. 6Mid-Boss Takeover (feat. Jay-Z)
  7. 7Life Is Bloody
  8. 8Rule the Colosseum
  9. 9It Aint Hard to Fall
  10. 10The World Is Yours (Ending)
  11. 11Eternal Life Is Mine (feat. Mobb Deep)


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