Negative Zone Remix



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“Negative Zone Remix” by Sinister Six


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Negative Zone Remix – A complete track-by-track remix of the first hard-hitting Sinister Six album, but from a different reality!

All 10 of the original songs from the “Invasion of the Mic Snatchers” album have been sent through a portal device directly into the Negative Zone. After a month, the tracks were retrieved, but these were from the other side of the mirror – the beats have been switched out, speeds were altered, genres were criss-crossed… But there’s one thing scientists can confirm: They are indeed fresh specimens for your ears.

The appropriately-named remixer MasDaMind has mashed up each track for a completely new, surprisingly quirky effect. See what your dimension has been missing!

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  1. 1Sin Six PSA
  2. 2Through the Herald and Flames (MasDaMind's Dragonforce Mashup)
  3. 3Make Way for the Wild Wild West (MasDaMind's Will Smith Mashup)
  4. 4School House Break Down (MasDaMind's Donkey Kong Country 2 Mashup)
  5. 5Deeper Tears (MasDaMind's Castlevania 2 Mashup)
  6. 6Master of Dice (MasDaMind's Metallica Mashup)
  7. 7Intergalactic HQ (MasDaMind's Beastie Boys Mashup)
  8. 8Lying from your Scientistik Shoulders (MasDaMind's Linkin Park and Jay-Z Mashup)
  9. 9On the Black or White Hunt (MasDaMind's Michael Jackson Mashup)
  10. 10Rise Hard (MasDaMind's Rihanna Mashup)
  11. 11Tear OPP Up (MasDaMind's Naughty by Nature Mashup)


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