Nerdcore International



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“Nerdcore International” by Torrentz


Meet the Artists

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Nerdcore International is one of the most robust and professional offerings from not only Torrentz, but Scrub Club Records as a whole. Just one listen and you’ll understand why this is the age of the independent artist – what sounds like major studio quality tracks were mostly produced and recorded in home studios.

While Torrentz has always stretched worldwide to show off their talent, this release has a serious focus on emcees and musicians from different continents coming together to make amazing music with twists of their respective cultures. The topics are all over the map. You’ll definitely find several songs that are relevant to your interests.

Disclaimer: There are a few rappers on this album that don’t necessarily identify themselves as “nerds” and may actually be gangsters / hustlers. This is not intended to confuse the listener, especially considering the album title. We can, however, guarantee that every contributor is genuine and doesn’t subscribe to the “copycat” culture of modern Hip Hop, which is sadly choking the music we hold so dear. That is not to say that we don’t employ satire, parody, and fiction in our tracks, which is what makes this album unique. Nerdcore Hip Hop is evolving rather than dying as some people have stated in the past. This album’s diversity is a testament to that fact.

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  1. 1Chat My Name (feat. Beefy, A.G., Marilyn Louise, and The Ranger)
  2. 2Boomtime Hustle (feat. Thunderball, Fatback Supreme, MC3P0, and MC117)
  3. 3Mathematics (feat. Rukas, Klopfenpop, and Cosplay)
  4. 4Holodexxx (feat. Milk-Plus, Diabeats, and Benjamin Bear)
  5. 5Heatwave Killa (feat. Dekay, Viet Vu, XoC, and Klopfenpop)
  6. 6Bad Boy for Love (feat. Stevie Kincade, The Ranger, and Happi MC)
  7. 7See Red (feat. A.G., Remison, 2 Mello, and Milk-Plus)
  8. 8A Game Called Life (feat. Fatback Supreme, D. Bane, and Pops Ghostly)
  9. 9La Chinita (feat. Manu Chao, Illgill, Nameless, and Shubzilla)
  10. 10Sound of the Snake (feat. Milk-Plus, Raptorman, D. Bane, XoC, Shane Hall, M.I.S.F.I.T., Poverty Man, and Klopfenpop)
  11. 11Buena Vista (feat. Shubzilla, Milk-Plus, and NES-T)
  12. 12Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (feat. Milk-Plus, MC Wreckshin, Betty Rebel, and Fatback Supreme)
  13. 13Winter Soldier (feat. Navi, Mad Mikado, and Dfive7s)
  14. 142 Hot 2 Flop (feat. XoC, Nicky Nuff, NES-T, and Shubzilla)
  15. 15Broken Lifts (feat. Dekay, Fatback Supreme, and NES-T)
  16. 16Ninja Vanish (feat. Viet Vu, HDninja, Milk-Plus, and Fatback Supreme)
  17. 17Minimum Wage (feat. Fatback Supreme, Lila Downs, XoC, and Shubzilla)
  18. 18Bad Habits (feat. MC3P0, Klopfenpop, Fatback Supreme, and Milk-Plus)
  19. 19Nerdcore INT (Skit feat. MC3P0, Klopfenpop, and Cosplay)
  20. 20Nerdcore International (feat. XoC, Klopfenpop, Fatback Supreme, Milk-Plus, and The Ranger)


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