Noncents Vol 10



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“Noncents Vol 10” by Kabuto the Python


Meet the Artists

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Noncents Vol 10 is a collection of unreleased, recovered, and rare songs found somewhere inside a nearly bottomless cave in Saigon!

11 tracks of forgotten or online-only audio collected over the last few years and put onto one cd for you to enjoy. Includes a few songs not found anywhere else on the primitive Earth internet, 4 awesome collaborations, a lost recording of Larval Kabuto, and much more!

This collection also includes the smash single “Those Minerals,” which went viral to over 80,000 downloads thanks to a bunch of incredible Mass Effect 2 / Scrub Club soldiers universe-wide.

Big supporters and potential human meals alike will definitely want to download this album and check out things they probably missed or never even knew about.

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Kabutocuts (feat. Kasparov)
  2. 2Attack Slug - Attack Slug and Kabuto '08 (feat. Kabuto the Python)
  3. 3Those Minerals
  4. 4Blood Libel Medley
  5. 5Captain Dan is a Punk (Untested Methods Rage Remix)
  6. 6The Good Stuff (feat. B.C. Kasparov)
  7. 7Attack Slug - 4ums (feat. The Ranger and Kabuto the Python)
  8. 812 in 32
  9. 9Know This
  10. 10Larval Kabuto - Capital K (feat. Jim Stark and JanSport)
  11. 11Team Fortress 2 Rap (YouTube Recording)


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