Noncents Vol 5



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“Noncents Vol 5” by Kabuto the Python


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Noncents Vol 5 is a collection of unreleased, recovered, and rare songs from the depths of outer space!

22 tracks of forgotten or online-only audio collected over the last few years and put onto one cd for you to enjoy. Includes a few songs never heard before by any humans, 8 brutal diss tracks, 6 killer collaborations and much more!

You will also hear early recordings from when Kabuto was only a larvae. Said tracks can still kick you in the face, but they’re from a time when Kabuto was only 0.8 meters tall and had a cute little voice.

Big supporters and Soldiers alike will definitely want to download this album and check out things they probably missed or never even knew about.

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  1. 1Pillz
  2. 2Haterism (feat. Prefekt)
  3. 3Nerdcore Hip Hop vs. Regular Hip Hop
  4. 4The Face Kicking Song
  5. 5Throwback
  6. 6Tsar Bomba (Super Dragon X Diss)
  7. 7Snot Box (Raslin Diss)
  8. 8Kabuto'd (Fatty Goodness Diss)
  9. 9Kaiju Big Battel (Kaiju Diss not feat. Jedi Mind Tricks)
  10. 10Asset Diss
  11. 11Cumfucius Say (Cumfucius Diss)
  12. 12Fatterrific and Moth Diss
  13. 13IMO (Magitek Diss)
  14. 14Da Ill Shit (feat. Poopyhands)
  15. 15Numbers Racket (feat. Prefekt)
  16. 16The Twin Snakes (feat. Old Snake da CQC MC)
  17. 17God of War (Untested Methods Dirt Remix)
  18. 18Heightened Titans - Death By Snoo Snoo (feat. Kabuto the Python)
  19. 19Larval Kabuto - Lashings
  20. 20Larval Kabuto - Burglaration
  21. 21Larval Kabuto - Cool Dudes (feat. Attack Slug)
  22. 22Larval Kabuto - Sugar Shaker (feat. The Offspring)


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