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Release Info

“Parseltongue” by Kabuto the Python


Meet the Artists

Click here to learn more about Kabuto.

The much-anticipated, full-length album from Kabuto has emerged!

Parseltongue features some of the most crazy raps you have ever heard from KTP himself as well as a handful of Nerdcore guests.

Well worth the wait, this album will take you all over the spectrum, dealing with street life, furries, snakes, feces, boots to the face, rule 34… To say the subject matter is random is an understatement. Witness the incredible lyrical talent of Kabuto and laugh along when he raps crappy on purpose. Or is it on purpose? Daaaaammmmn.

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Skit 0 - Tha Mike
  2. 2Ayo I'm Bout to Drop a Mixtape (feat. Kasparov)
  3. 3Saigons of Thump (feat. Karmageddon)
  4. 4Open Season (feat. Margaret Thatcher)
  5. 5Skit 1 - The Freestyle
  6. 6Blackraptors (feat. Deafinition)
  7. 7Barksdale Brothers (feat. Poopyhands)
  8. 8Era Draconis (feat. Cumfucius and Old Snake Da CQC MC)
  9. 9Skit 2 - Cuo2duo
  10. 10Dr. Whiteface
  11. 11Mudbutt (feat. Kasparov)
  12. 12Church Sunday (feat. TYT)
  13. 13Narcoleptic
  14. 14Twitter Rap
  15. 15Hat Wearing Motherfuckers (feat. Lord Ellephino and MC_Loki)
  16. 16Skit 3 - B0wlman's Gay Rap
  17. 17Waterloo
  18. 18High School Musical
  19. 19Necco and the Loup (feat. Attack Slug)
  20. 20Da Ill Shit (feat. Poopyhands)
  21. 21Saving Hip Hop
  22. 22Thinkin' Lincoln (feat. Dr. Awkward)
  23. 23Sydney 2 Saigon (feat. Kincade and T-Rifik)
  24. 24Skit 4 - Deep Six
  25. 25Adoption (feat. Funky49 and MC Lars)
  26. 26Spectrum (feat. The Ranger)
  27. 27Skit 5 - Tha Mike, Part 2
  28. 28End Title Sequence


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