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“The Patterns EP” by 2 Mello


Meet the Artist

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Mello is back with a completely different project this time around – The Patterns EP.

Experimental at the core, this release creates a fresh fusion of Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, and Electronic elements. In some of the songs, he takes on the lives of different characters and weaves their story for you. No two tracks are the same, and each gives off its own emotion.

If anything, this album is all about his versatility. You will witness fluid changes in flow and unexpected twists and turns in the production. 2 Mello wears his heart on his sleeve to guide you through this one, so take a hold and join in the journey with him.

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  1. 1GO
  2. 2STR8UP
  3. 3SPEED (feat. Astor Place Riot)


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