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Nightmare Sword of Chaos - A release that has an evil, destructive focus (+5) Occult Sigul of Revelation - A release that has a focus on the supernatural (+15) Costumed Capers - A release that has a focus on heroes or villains (+5) Jonn Ra's Crossbow - A release that crosses two very different genres together (+20) Cloak of Many Faces - A release that features an artist using an alias or assuming a fictional role (+15) Battle Axe of Premature Chopping - A release that has under 6 tracks (+5)

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Release Info

“Rust Covered Remixes” by King Pheenix


Meet the Artist

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Rust Covered Remixes is a complete track-by-track remix of the first, smash hit King Pheenix album, but from a different side of the story!

All 6 of the original songs from the “Hero vs. Villain” album have been lying in the gutter, slowly regenerating and mutating… After a month, the tracks were retrieved, but these were now genetically altered – the beats have been switched out, speeds were changed, genres were crisscrossed… But there’s one thing scientists can confirm: They are indeed fresh specimens for your ears.

The appropriately-named remixer MasDaMind has mashed up each track for a completely new, surprisingly quirky effect. See what your good or evil faction has been missing!

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Neo Cortex Backstory (MasDaMind's Crash Bandicoot 2 Mashup)
  2. 2Both Sides of the Beautiful Coin (MasDaMind's Eminem Mashup)
  3. 3Streets of Heroes and Villains (MasDaMind's Streets of Rage Mashup)
  4. 4Lean Back, Traitor! (MasDaMind's Terror Squad Mashup)
  5. 5New York Rush (MasDaMind's Ja Rule Mashup)
  6. 6From the Cradle to the Finale (MasDaMind's GoldenEye 007 Mashup)


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