Ye Olde Guide to Fornication - A release that has a focus on sex (+15) Arc Sword that Totally Isn't a Lightsaber - A release that has a focus on science fiction (+15) Jovial Junk Food - A release that has a focus on comedy (+15) The Emperor's Manga - A release that has a focus on comic books (+5) Cloak of Many Faces - A release that features an artist using an alias or assuming a fictional role (+15) Exquisite Cheese - A release that features one or more skits (+15) Brown Bottle of Dizziness - A release that has a focus on mass consumption of alcohol (+5) Pocketwatch of Sluggishness - A release that clocks in over 60 minutes (+10) Backstage Ticket of Legend - A release that features a live recording (+10)

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Release Info

“Scrubcast” by Various Artists

A collection of all Scrubcast episodes from the very beginning! General talk, debates, interviews, music breaks, and special features hosted by a group of Scrub Club artists every week.

Each Monday, you will receive the newest episode as well as the “sandbox level” for that episode, which includes bloopers and bits taken from hanging out after the shows are over. Pure gold in each.

Please download each show by itself – just use the track list links below. As new episodes and features are added, they will be tacked on to this page as well as the front page, and a notification will go out on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!


Download each episode for free:

01 – Scrubcast Episode 1 – When Chunks Suck Back

02 – Scrubcast – Sandbox Level 1

03 – Scrubcast Episode 2 – 50 Shaels of Bane

04 – Scrubcast – Sandbox Level 2

05 – Scrubcast Episode 3 – Bro, Do You Even Cast?

06 – Scrubcast – Sandbox Level 3

07 – Scrubcast Episode 4 – Relationsnips

08 – Scrubcast – Sandbox Level 4


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Featured artists on this release

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