Shed Skins



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Release Info

“Shed Skins” (a Collection of Shit that Sucks) by Kabuto the Python


Meet the Artists

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Kabuto releases his first EP on Scrub Club!

One of the most improved underground artists of 2008, The Python either had collaboration efforts that fell through or he thought his game had grown since these parts were recorded.

Shed Skins is a collection of those 7 efforts, which have dope verses featuring great punchlines and raw sound that only Kabuto can dish out. As an added bonus, the acapellas are also included for your remixing pleasure, adding another 7 tracks to this download!

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Advent
  2. 2God of War
  3. 3Captain Dan is a Punk
  4. 4Mad Rappers (not feat. Super Dragon X and Poopyhands)
  5. 5My Rhyme Remix (not feat. Maja and Random)
  6. 6Bad Guys (not featuring Emperor Pilaf and MC Skeletor)
  7. 7Star Wars LOL
  8. 8Advent (Acappella)
  9. 9God of War (Acappella)
  10. 10Captain Dan is a Punk (Acappella)
  11. 11Mad Rappers (Acappella)
  12. 12My Rhyme Remix (Acappella)
  13. 13Bad Guys (Acappella)
  14. 14Star Wars LOL (Acappella)


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