Shine Avenue



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“Shine Avenue” by Emergency Pizza Party


Meet the Artists

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Shine Avenue marks the return of Emergency Pizza Party with its first release in almost two years! This album also celebrates their first release on Scrub Club Records.

Shine Avenue features a lot of hard work and full dedication by everyone in the group to make a proper introduction of themselves to their new Scrub soldiers. Many sleepless nights and full-on time with the band without hardly seeing the light of day. They are very happy to get this project out for all of their listeners, family, and friends… basically everyone who has stuck by EPP all these years.

They also would like to give a big “Thank you” to their families and significant others that had to put up with them through the production of this album, as they spent all of their free time over the past several months putting this project out. They’re very happy to be joining forces with Scrub Club, and look forward to their future with us as they progress with Emergency Pizza Party.

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  1. 1Now Hiring (feat. Kabuto the Python)
  2. 2Reppin'
  3. 3Orlando (feat. Rappy McRapperson)
  4. 4Punch-Out!!!
  5. 5Omega (feat. Chaotic Logic)
  6. 6Kiss Kaboom
  7. 7Hyperbolic Torture Chamber
  8. 8Never Make the Airwaves (feat. KZA)
  9. 9Look At My Mouth (Again - feat. ZeaLouS1)
  10. 10Shine Avenue
  11. 11The Easy Way
  12. 12LOLd Dirty Dude


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